Making the Most of Your BBQ Party in the Rain: 10 Tips for a “Sizzler” of Good Time

Making the Most of Your BBQ Party in the Rain: 10 Tips for a “Sizzler” of Good Time

Picture this: a cosy garden, twinkling lights, the tantalizing aroma of grilled delicacies wafting through the air, and the cheerful chatter of friends and family. Now, imagine a sudden rain shower threatening to dampen your BBQ party spirits. While rain might not be the ideal BBQ weather, it doesn't have to be a show-stopper. With a little creativity and preparation, you can still host a memorable and enjoyable BBQ event, rain or shine. Here are some tips to ensure your BBQ party remains a sizzler of a success even when the rainclouds gather.

  1. Embrace the Weather:

Instead of viewing rain as a party pooper, consider it an opportunity to create a unique and cosy ambiance. Set up tents, canopies, or even a makeshift gazebo to shield your guests from the raindrops. Adorn these structures with string lights and decorations to create an enchanting atmosphere that makes the rain feel like a magical touch.

  1. Plan a Menu with Versatility:

When the weather forecast looks a bit gloomy, it's a good idea to choose a BBQ menu that can be prepared and enjoyed indoors as well. Opt for dishes that can be grilled and finished off in the oven. This way, you can keep the grilling spirit alive while ensuring that the food is served hot and delicious.

   3. Prepare Sheltered Cooking Area:

While grilling in the rain is not advisable due to safety concerns, you can set up a sheltered cooking station. Place the grill under a canopy or any other rain-resistant structure to keep the chef dry while they work their culinary magic.

  4. Stock Up on Supplies:

Be ready with an ample supply of umbrellas, rain ponchos, and even spare towels for your guests. This small gesture shows your consideration for their comfort and helps them relax and enjoy the party despite the weather.

  1. Game On, Rain or Shine:

Don't let the rain dampen the fun and games. Prepare a list of indoor games or activities that can be enjoyed if the rain becomes too heavy. Board games, charades or a quiz are excellent choices to keep the entertainment going.  Check out our blog from July 24th for ideas for the little ones.

   6. Beverage Brilliance:

Rainy weather calls for warm and comforting beverages. Set up a drink station with hot cocoa, mulled cider, or coffee to keep your guests warm and content. You can also prepare a range of mocktails or cocktails that complement the BBQ flavours and keep the party vibe going. 

  1. Comfort is Key:

Provide ample seating and cosy cushions in sheltered areas to keep your guests comfortable. Create inviting seating arrangements that encourage mingling and conversation, ensuring that the rain doesn't deter them from enjoying each other's company. 

  1. Plan B for Music:

If you had initially planned to have live music or a speaker system outdoors, make sure you have an indoor setup or waterproof speakers that can withstand the rain. Music sets the mood, and you don't want it to be drowned out by the raindrops. 

  1. Rain-Ready Decor:

Extend your party theme to accommodate the rain. Consider using water-resistant decorations or rain-themed accents to turn the weather into a playful part of your party's aesthetic. 

  1. Positive Attitude:

Your enthusiasm and positivity will set the tone for the entire event. Embrace the rain with a smile, and your guests are likely to follow suit. Remember, it's not about the weather, but the memories you create with your loved ones. 

In conclusion, hosting a BBQ party in the rain requires a mix of preparation, creativity, and a positive outlook. With the right strategies in place, you can turn a potentially soggy situation into a memorable and enjoyable gathering. So, keep the grill hot, the drinks warm, and the spirits high, and you're sure to have a sizzling good time rain or shine.

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Sunshine, Strawberries and Champagne. How to throw a killer Wimbledon Party!

Sunshine, Strawberries and Champagne. How to throw a killer Wimbledon Party!

Nothing says Summer quite like the start of Wimbledon.  In fact, it was such a staple in my house that I used it as a countdown timer to the Summer Holidays!

The first Wimbledon Championship match was played in 1877, and to me it really has managed to hold on to the nostalgia of Victorian or Edwardian Britain. 

When I imagine Wimbledon I think of it with a definite ‘Downton Abbey’ vibe, with all the hoi polloi milling about with their champagne flutes and punnets of strawberries.  The amount of celebrities you see on the centre court still puts me in mind of the other sporting events in the UK, like Ascot or the Regatta!

You may not have been able to bag a ticket this year, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you bring the centre court into your home!  Here are a few tips you’ll absolutely "love" (pun 100% intended).

Pick your match carefully

The first thing you’ll probably be thinking about is who you’re going to have on your "centre court"? 

Friends, family, perhaps making it a neighbourhood thing? 

Depending on who you’re inviting, you’re going to want to arrange it with a certain match in mind. 

If you’re using Wimbledon as a good excuse for a party, and you’re not too bothered about watching the match, it might be worth having a look at matches you don’t mind missing, so there’s more time for socialising. 

If you throw your party on the day of the Final, however, you might get some people who are very keen on paying attention and won’t want to be interrupted. 


Have designated party areas

At the end of the day, you’re throwing a Wimbledon party, so it would be a bit weird to not have Wimbledon on in one of the rooms! 

Depending on whether you need the roof on the day of your planned get together, you could have the TV on in the living room for people who want to watch, and then have Radio Wimbledon on in the garden for people who would prefer to chat in the sunshine? 

Get the BBQ going!

Speaking of the garden, what better excuse for a barbecue?!  A buffet is a great option for a Wimbledon party as people can drift from watching to talking, grabbing food as they go.  Setting up a table with the cooked stuff off the Barbie, along with a few condiments and some cutlery, is an easy peasy way of letting people get on with it without you needing to be on hand all the time. We have a great BBQ gift set at Ooh with a quirky apron, meat rubs, beer and the all important BBQ multi tool!  I bet Roger Federer would love one!

Anyone for a top-up?

If you’re going to have a food table, a booze table is certainly needed!  The drink of choice at Wimbledon is a Pimm’s, but you can stock your table up with whatever you like!  We have some beautiful glassware for these swanky gatherings, from champagne flutes to whisky tumblers.  All our glassware gift sets are just a little bit different, lets say "Wild Cards", hand-painted, hand-made take a look, they really are the perfect gift.

Go for a theme

I would imagine the theme would be Wimbledon, right?  There’s loads of ways to keep your party in line with the topic at hand.  Why not have a baking day and bake some Scones?  Along with strawberries and cream. "Ace"!  Our Baking Day gift set has all you need for the home baker.

How about getting a little game of Tennis going, or badminton depending on the size of your garden.  Or even make it a little more upmarket and ask for your guests to arrive in their best outfits?  Maybe all white is a bit too far? The photos will be fabulous.

We at OohBox hope the sun shines for you as Wimbledon gets underway.  Who knows, maybe the temperatures will hit…forty?

Yes I know that was awful.  I can only apologise.


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