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Gift Boxes for Pets

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Dog Gift Box - "The Pampered Pup"


Cat Gift Box - "The Playful Puss"


Cat Gift Box - "The Mini Playful Puss"


Dog Gift Box - "The Mini Pampered Pup"


New arrivals to the family can come in all shapes and sizes and can be as exciting (albeit in a very different way) as bringing a new baby home!...

Preparing for the arrival of a new fur baby can be just as overwhelming too.

Like bringing a human being home, there are plenty of things to think about prior to the arrival such as what you’ll be feeding your new pet, where it will sleep, setting up appointment with the vet for injections. It’s at that very point you bring your new pet home that you have a bundle of mixed emotions – as well as excitement, you’re thinking what have you done? Can you be a good human to them? Of course you can!

In recent years, the luxury pet market has taken the world by storm, with one diamond-encrusted collar setting a world record with a hefty price tag of nearly three million pounds! This industry still booms, with innovative gifts for pets coming new to the market all the time, proving there is much love out there for our fur babies!

We don’t promise to hold stock of really expensive diamond collars! However what we can say in all honesty is during our quest to find a gift box for every occasion, the same amount of thought and love has gone into the creation of our gift box presents for pets as it would for our fellow humans.

Whether you’re looking for a new puppy gift box or even an old puppy gift box or a gift box for cats or kittens, our gift boxes will cover it all. Not only do we give the promise of some very practical gifts for getting your pet looking very pretty, but the promise of fun, games and a tasty snack after.

Give the gift of something your pet really can fall in woof with!

Did you know?

Our lovely gift boxes are purrfect way to store treats and toys for cat. Or how about a woof-ly place to store memories of dog?