Welcome to OohBox, I hope you like what you see and are able to find what you’re looking for.

We are a small family run business and have been in the promotional handling industry for over 30 years winning numerous awards over the years, but with a pandemic to deal with and a general slump in the economy I knew we needed to diversify.  For 30 years we’ve been looking after our clients stock, picking, packing and delivering for other brands, and it’s been great, but I thought “Why don’t we offer this great service and sell our own products”?  We have the premises, the experienced and loyal team, now we just need a product and a brand!

I came up with OohBox simply because I couldn’t find what I wanted online.  I was looking for a store that could not only provide some beautiful and well thought out individual pieces but one that would pull them all together into one special gift.  Gift wrapping would come as standard and I could have delivery direct to my loved ones, with the option to send multiple boxes to multiple addresses. 

Why OohBox?  Well, “Ooh” is an exclamation often used to express amazement, satisfaction or excitement and I’ve found myself saying it quite a lot recently.  I think you’ll agree, some of the collections we’ve put together are just lovely.  We’ve got gifts for most occasions, from New Baby to Retirement and everything in between.  Some are specific and others could be gifted for any reason.  Whether you want to say “I’m thinking of you” or “Miss You” there will be something to suit your needs.

We are delighted that after several months of searching for just the right things OohBox is now born.  Now it is only fair that we share our collection with you.  We hope you love our gift boxes as much as we do.

Please do keep visiting to see more exciting gifts appearing throughout the year.

Stay safe,