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Gardener's Gift Box - "The Winter Seed Collection"


Bee Gift Box - "For My Bee-Loved"

On sale £50.00

BBQ Gift Box - "The Sizzler"

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Gardener's Gift Box - "The Spring Seed Collection"


Gardener's Gift Box - "The Nature Seed Collection"


As the saying goes, “Gardening is Cheaper than Therapy”....

There’s been an increase in the popularity of gardening, with more and more people spending a great deal of time at home - and what’s more, they’re loving it! So, what’s not to like?

Planting a seed, or even an established plant and watching it grow while you tend to it is not only rewarding, but proven to have some great health and wellbeing benefits. Spending time in your garden can go a long way in reducing stress and as an added bonus, being outside produces levels of Vitamin D which contributes to good, strong bones and a healthy immune system.

… And even better news, people! A little light gardening can burn around 300 calories, now that’s something to digest!

So, the increase in popularity isn’t surprising. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to give the gift of a gardening gift box! If you’re looking for inspiration for the green-fingered people in your life, we have options to surprise and delight.

Of course, a keen gardener will have all the tools they need and won’t want for much however we have the solution! For the gardener who has absolutely everything, what better than to give them something they never even knew they needed? How about treating yourself too? We’re sure we’ve got the gardener’s gift box for you.

So what would you expect to see in a gift box for gardeners from Ooh Box? As well as offering some truly whimsical mugs, we offer a decent brew (believe us, it’s good - we’ve tried it!). Of course that comes after all the hard work.

Catering for those wishing to send a seed gift box, we have included some fabulous ranges from our suppliers, Seedball. Seedballs are not only easy to plant, but are developed to attract wildlife to your garden, such as Birds, Bees, Butterflies and even Hedgehogs!

So, give an alternate gift of therapy!

Did you know?

Our wonderful gift box is a blooming great place for storing seeds, sowing instructions and other gardening nik naks…