It's been 70 years, almost to the day since the last Coronation of a British monarch and I for one am very excited.  Saturday 6th May, with the celebration starting at 11am, this is going to be a memorable event indeed.

Whatever your thoughts on the monarchy, you cannot deny that as a nation we are good at celebrating and putting on a show, and anything to do with the Royals captures our imagination!

I think as a nation we just like to let our hair down and party.

The London Olympics were a huge success and lauded the world over, any Royal Wedding brings tourists flooding from all corners of the globe and of course this year we have Eurovision as well!!

Shame our weather doesn't always play ball, but whether you are planning a sumptuous high end celebration or a good old knees up around the BBQ, we know it's going to be great.

So what activities would be good for the big day?

Arts and Crafts - It's great for little ones to get involved in the creation of homemade decorations, from home-made bunting, crowns and flags.

How about a themed baking day - red, white and blue cup cakes, jellies and treats?

A Royal Quiz?  When was Elizabeth crowned, what is Charles' birthday, there are so many questions that can be written to include all ages.

Party Games - Pin the Crown on the KIng, Charles Says (like Simon says), Musical Thrones???

The History Bit:

The ceremony itself is steeped in history and many of the long held traditions are said to remain with a nod to our modern times.

For 900 years the coronation has taken part in Westminster Abbey and since 1066 the service has been conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The crown is the Crown of St Edward and King Charles will be sat in Edwards Chair holding the sovereign's sceptre and rod to represent his control of the nation, and the sovereign's orb to represent the Christian world.


King Charles will be anointed out of sight of the attendees unlike in previous times when the monarch was separated by a screen.

King Charles will be the first monarch to pray out loud.  A prayer specially written to celebrate all faiths.

A much reduced guest list has been compiled for King Charles' big day.  Mainly consisting of representatives from the charity and voluntary sectors.  Very few MPs and peers will attend.


Andrew Lloyd Weber has been commissioned to compose the Coronation Anthem, said to be a reflection of such a joyful occasion.  The music has been chosen by the King himself and includes the Ascension Choir, the first ever gospel choir to perform in Westminster Abbey for a Coronation, a Welsh language composition performed by Sir Bryn Terfel and six newly composed orchestral pieces.

I for one am looking forward to the day (and the extra day off) and hope that whatever you have planned the sun shines and your celebration is a success.

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