As I’m writing this, I can see outside my window.  It’s seven o’clock at night, the stove is burning, there’s a scented candle burning away, and it’s pitch black.  I’m in my comfy clothes with my dog asleep next to me, and to be honest, I’m in Heaven.

Yes, this is definitely my time of year.  A time when the introverts win out and staying at home becomes the done thing.

Now I’m not saying I’m the type to barricade the door and take the phone of the hook, far from it, I’m just saying I like to slow down a little as the nights draw in, and get a little bit closer to a hibernating bear impersonation, you know?

What I really love about the colder seasons, though, are the weekends.  Going to work Monday to Friday can be a bit dreary when it’s cold and wet, and that travel mug isn’t quite warming you up the way it did a few weeks ago.  Saturdays and Sundays (or any days off you might have) make up for that in abundance, I think.

There’s a saying in my house: ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!’ and we really do stand by that here.  With a dog and a baby, being prepared for all seasons is part of the gig, but especially as the weather starts to turn in October/November.  We pack the kitchen sink when we go out, but it’s so worth it when we do.

We tend to walk in woods and forests where possible, and we’ll drive a way out to find new places to wander around.  This means we have to be extra prepared.  Travel cups are a must (along with good quality coffee) and a lunchbox of snacks.  The baby change bag is full to the brim with clothes, nappy change stuff, and even a couple of books or small toys in case we get enticed into a café for a scone!  Hand sanitiser is a must for exploring the woods with a toddler, and a towel, chew toys and body mist for a smelly wet dog has always come in handy for the long drive home.

When we get home, the slow cooker is ready for us, and we spend the evening with the telly and the fire on, munching biscuits before bedtime for the little one.  I run a bath as dad puts him to bed in the nursery, and I unwind with a lovely soak and a glass of wine (or gin, I’m easy).  Then it’s getting prepped for the upcoming week, and a cup of herbal tea and a good book before bed.

I’m sorry, who would even try and say that’s not a perfect Winter Sunday?

And hey, you might see some other ways to spend your colder weekends.  Maybe a visit to the museum is your bag, or the cinema, or a day at home.  Whatever you prefer, there’s just nothing like slowing down and indulging in a bit of relaxation before the start of the week, right?