As we get closer to the end of the year, you might feel yourself looking towards new beginnings.

It might be a change of scenery, a change of routine, or even adding a furry friend to the house.

What seems to be a fairly common way to bring freshness at New Year, is a change in career.

This might be a scary concept.  You’re settled in with your current job, you know what you’re doing and it’s safe and dependable.  But if you’re getting that slightly itchy feeling, it might be time to make a change.  

Now, we’re not here to give you specific advice on how to find the perfect job (there are tons of articles online that are better qualified than us!) but we are here to chat about preparing for that job when you get it.

  1. Get that imposter syndrome nipped in the bud, pronto!

 It’s totally normal to feel out of your depth, or as if you’re secretly not good enough when starting in a new role, so it’s important to remember that though you may feel like that, chances are it’s not the truth. 

In the interview, the panel saw something in you that they liked and wanted onboard, so trust their judgment!  

You can calm this annoying part of your brain with mindfulness and gentleness.  

I like to have a mantra that I write in my journal just before I go to work when I’m feeling the imposter syndrome flare up.  Things like ‘I am exactly what the team need right now’ or ‘all my past mistakes have led me to here and now’.

     2.Get your environment how you want it asap

You’re starting this new path because you wanted a career to serve you better, and your workspace should reflect this!  

Whether you’re working from home, in an office, a classroom, whatever, make sure your space is designed with your happiness and focus in mind.  

photo frame of your loved ones on the desk, a scented candle to keep you engaged while you’re two hours deep into a spreadsheet.  You could make sure your desk is stocked up with coffee, tea and some chocolates when you need something to keep you going.  And don’t forget great stationery! A stylish notebook, a sleek water bottle and a potted plant will set the tone for a productive day ahead and give you that air purification you so deserve!

  1. Learn as much about your new role before your first day

If you’re doing a similar role to your previous job, you might be more confident with this point, and just need to change the context to this new company.  If you’ve totally switched up your niche, though, it might help you relax more knowing you’re prepared ahead of time.  

Looking through your contract, and even the original job advertisement can be very helpful in highlighting the responsibilities that seem most important to the establishment.  

Having a notebook with these written down in can be a quick way of referring to them when you’re learning the ropes.  It also doesn’t hurt to ask your line manager to meet for a cup of coffee somewhere, to get to know them and to understand what their focus is regarding you.  It also doesn’t hurt to show that your conscientious!

  1. Get the route nailed down

There’s nothing worse than putting the address into your sat nav, only to find that it takes you past a primary school at precisely the same time as drop-off.  Cue you being late on your first day, not a good first impression.  

Making sure your car is fuelled up, you have a travel mug on the go and you’ve looked over the route before the day of is a really simple way of making sure your first day doesn’t start out stressful.

  1. Get involved with the social life of work

This can be a tricky one for the introverts, but just starting off with a polite hello and an introduction in the kitchen or staff room can put your nerves at ease.  I’m not saying you have to be best friends with anyone if you don’t want to, but making the effort to have a laugh around the water cooler might make asking for help if you need it a lot easier later on.

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November 24, 2022 — Julie Selby