‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, a song that first appeared in print all the way back in the 1780s, refers to the twelve days following Christmas Day, so ending on the 5th January.  

We all know the song, one the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me......

A partridge in a pear tree?

Two Turtle Doves?

Three French Hens?

It only gets good on day five with - FIVE GO'OLD RINGS!!

There have been some great comedy songs about this Christmas classic, mainly about the house being a right state with all those birds in it!

The Smithsonian did an estimate of the total price of all of these gifts, the estimated the total of all of these luxurious items is £23,000!  Most of us aren’t spending anywhere near that amount every yuletide, although sometimes it can feel like it! 

Christmas has always been a time of giving and receiving, with the majority of retailers making the majority of their profits in the last few months of the year. 

The pressure of buying the perfect gift for someone can be a lot to deal with, but sometimes the simplest words are the truest: it’s the thought that counts. 

Gift giving is one of the most wonderful ways of showing your loved ones that you are thinking of them, and Christmas can be a wonderful time to show your love and commitment in the truest sense.  

Christmas is right up there with Valentine’s Day as one of the most romantic holidays of the year. 

Every Christmas morning, social media is flooded with the ‘I said yes posts, with a beautifully manicured hand and a dazzling engagement ring perched on the finger. 

Even though winter is the least popular time to get married (mainly down to our British weather) but let’s face it, our summer weather is hardly predictable. At least around Christmas you know that it going to be cold and can really make the most of it. 

Imagine a winter wedding, it’s so Romantic, and a great time to tie the knot for a number of reasons.  

  1. Your guests are more likely to be able to come as there aren’t lots of other weddings happening right now.
  2. The venues are cheaper and often offer discounts
  3. The bride won’t be melting in her finery.
  4. The venue will already be decorated for Christmas.
  5. Stunning photo opportunities 

Even if your heart is set on a summer wedding, what about a winter engagement?   

Arrange a photo session so you can share the news in pictures.  Cosy chunky jumpers, snowy scenery, cuddles to keep warm, the opportunities are endless.  

For those of us that are already with our chosen life partners we can still embrace the season.  As ‘the twelve days of Christmas’ shows us, knowing that someone is thinking of you is, simply, one of the greatest gifts of all.