Breakups are so hard.  Whether you’ve been broken up with, or you’ve done the breaking up, it’s never easy.  And when someone you care about is fresh out of a relationship, it can be difficult to know what to do or say.

There are a few different ways that you can be there for your pals, but it really does depend on who your friend is and what their relationship was like.  You can tell a lot about a person by looking out for their love languages.

Love languages in a nutshell are ways that people express their love for someone, and how they like to receive love from others.  Numbers of love languages differ depending on who you ask, but for ease we’re going with five: affirmative words, service, gift giving, quality time and touch.

Love comes in many forms, and if a friend you care about has lost someone special, for whatever reason, then you can provide some of their love language needs while they transition to single life.

Affirmative Words

There are so many ways you can provide a pep talk for a friend, whether they’re near or far (though best not to quote Titanic at this stage!). If they’re living with you, little sticky notes left in random places with phrases like ‘you’re awesome’ or ‘thank you for being in my life’ can really help take their mind away from the situation.  If they live further away, a well-chosen meme is always welcome!


If your friend is struggling getting on with life, being there for them in a practical sense could make the difference between a good day or a bad day.  Maybe they need to pick stuff up from their ex and they can’t face it?  No worries, you’ll do it for them!  Maybe cooking up a few batch meals for them, or doing a quick tidy of their home.  If your friend is the type of person who appreciates acts of service, even the smallest thing will mean a lot to them.

Gift Giving

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but whether they need a movie night in, a relaxing bath and a glass of pick me up, or a box of hugs , you can provide.

Quality Time

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do for them except show up.  If you can’t do this in person, you could always resort to the old days of zoom quizzes and virtual house parties to entertain your friend, or if they’re ready to gossip about their ex then that works too!


This one can be tricky if you’re not near them, but if you can (and your friend likes it) a little hand squeeze or a quick cuddle can help release any pent-up feelings.  Sometimes just being there with someone is the best thing you can do for them while they process the change. If you are further afield, send a virtual hug in one of our boxes.

We here at OohBox hope some of these suggestions help you figure out how you can help your pal, and we wish them lots of love and happiness whatever comes their (and your) way. 💜