Do you want to know how to make a mum instantly start sweating?  Just utter these words:

School.  Holidays.

I know, I’m quaking in my boots already.

My little mate is in nursery a couple of days a week, but even though he’s not old enough for big school just yet, term time still affects us.  Baby classes stop, soft play gets insanely busy, and prices for days out go through the roof!  It can be so difficult to plan what to do to entertain your little one, but don’t worry, help is on the way!

You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your littles busy, there are plenty of ways to pass the time in a fun, and often educational way.

Here are a couple of ideas for different development stages to get you started; all babies develop at varying speeds so I’ve decided to shy away from ages.  These ideas are for crawling kids up to entering school kids.


These guys are getting seriously mobile, so while you’re babyproofing your living room, put some bits and bobs around the place at baby’s eye level.  Maybe hide a musical instrument under the coffee table, or even a cuddly toy behind the door (watch little fingers!)  At this stage your little one will be enjoying the independence crawling gives them, so foster their curiosity with spontaneous treasure hunts!


For those crazy kids who have just learned to walk but are still a little wobbly, improving their balance and strength through fun activities is a must.  Playing games that get them working on their fine motor skills can be really rewarding for these youngsters, such as colouring, dancing, or even cleaning (two birds with one stone, perhaps?). Getting your toddler on their tip toes is really helpful, so encourage that by asking them to reach for things.  Our gorgeous Nursery Gifts have a lovely Height Chart; that will really get them reaching for the sky!


An excellent way to keep kids motivated at home: an obstacle course!  Couch cushions, laundry baskets, skipping ropes, anything can be used to create a mini course in your home.  Children who are more sure on their feet can also get involved in the general running of the house, too.  It’s a great help to you, and they do enjoy doing it (usually).  Giving them the independence to carry their own meals to the table, or feeding pets, or even making beds and sweeping up challenges their movement skills, and gives them a role in the household that will get their confidence shining through.

Just before Big School

Little ones just about to embark on their school careers can prepare well by fostering their imagination!  Telling stories is great, and will help encourage their language skills to improve, but getting them involved in the storytelling is a lovely family activity.  Get them acting it out, or reading parts of the story to you, or even ask them questions about the story.  Why was the troll under the bridge so grumpy?  Why was Goldilocks so picky about her porridge?  I bet your child will have an answer to all your questions!

If you’re stumped for ideas for what to do with your kids at home, the main thing is to not worry.  Children are resourceful, and as long as their imagination is fuelled, the possibilities are endless.