It’s safe to say that 2020 was a wash out wedding wise where 4 out of 5 weddings were postponed until this year or even 2022, the latter being the recommendation at the time.  That said 2021 is likely to be the busiest ever!  With those who have re-booked or newly engaged couples looking to opt for the traditionally “off-peak” days and months as the weekends are simply unavailable.

The road map set out by Boris Johnson states that although weddings can continue from today there are a number of caveats and realistically April and May will be quite restricted.  Both  have restrictions on the number of guests where April allows 15 guests and May 30 but, the venue choice will be subject to further restrictions and can be either a place of worship, an indoor venue that is already allowed to open or an outdoor space. 

For those having their big day in April or May there may need to be a reduction in the guest list.  According to Hello magazine one of the easiest ways to restrict guests is to limit the big day to just parents and siblings with no plus ones and no children. It seems harsh but with the money you save you might be able to live stream the ceremony and prepare beautiful wedding gift boxes with favours and a glass of bubbly for the toast and then be able to send everyone some cake afterwards.  Most people will appreciate the difficulties being faced by the wedding party planners and will be totally understanding and accepting of why they are no longer there in person, they may well be expecting the uninvitation.  If you are a guest or even an uninvited guest and want to send something to the happy couple then here at OohBox we have a number of romantic gift boxes and wedding gift ideas and will include a free personalised message card.

From June 21st things are set to be back to normal with no restrictions and unlimited guests.  This may have one of two outcomes.  The happy couples who are still Covid aware might want to reduce numbers anyway to allow for more social distancing.  As this will save money you could consider sending a memento to those who were no longer able to attend as mentioned, you could spend more per head or even keep it for a party at a later date!  Mind you after the year we’ve had many we bet lots of couples will opt for the biggest party ever! 

Whichever way the day goes, it seems clear that masks and gel will be around for a while to come.  Great news for hygiene!  If you're having to wear a mask why not bling them up you could even go for his and hers wedding party face coverings for the guests along with the button hole flowers?  Certainly a statement look!

Food wise will you opt for the on trend sharing platters or choose a sit down meal?  The seated meal means that there is less sharing of serving spoons and less contact and guests can be seated in manageable “bubbles”.  If you are opting for the buffet then it may be that you have serving attendants rather than serve yourself as the safer option.  All things to consider and plans that will help to keep your guests safe.

It’s not just the venues that can now open up.  There will be a huge sigh of relief from all the industries involved in the wedding trade.  The venues, photographers and videographers, dressmakers, florists, confectioners, caterers and car hire.  The last year has had such a huge impact especially for those who specialise in weddings and who may not have been able to diversify quickly enough so there may well be a waiting list so be sure to book as soon as possible. 

If you’re in no rush then why not chill this year and you’ll have the best planned wedding ever in 2022.

April 12, 2021 — Julie Selby