Many have been confined to home either through furlough, working from home or attending on-line lectures but as the UK starts to see some green shoots of recovery there are mixed emotions about getting back into the office or lecture halls. Excitement about the normality but also nervousness about being out and about after so long and also the fear of another wave of Covid.

This guide aims to open the conversation when the government announces that it’s safe to go back.

Staff should be ready to return at short notice but there does need to be discussion in advance.

How will staff travel to and from work?  Public transport or own transport?

Will there be a phased return of staff to aid social distancing?

Will the workplace be clean and managed in line with government guidelines?

If you need to use public transport or indeed have your own car, make sure you wear your mask and carry sanitiser.  If you enjoy a take–away coffee, use disposable or re-useable cups.  Our On the Go Commuter and New Wheels gift boxes contain all the essentials to keep you safe and fully charged for your journey, all you need to supply is your mask. 

There are a number of guides available depending on the type of work you do, all available on   These guides cover close contact workers such as hairdressers or massage therapists, through construction workers, offices, shops and performing arts. 

As a small business we have been lucky to be in work throughout the pandemic as we pack and deliver goods for other businesses too.  To stay safe we have marked floors to keep staff two metres apart, separated work spaces and supplied bucket loads of gel, masks and disinfectant wipes and this care and attention has kept us safe and Covid free.

I’m so excited for things to start opening up.  I’m am desperately looking forward to a haircut and a pamper session, something I have missed.  You’ve got to treat yourself!  If you’re on a waiting list for an appointment with your local beautician we have just the thing to help you keep calm until it’s your turn.  We have a lovely collection of Relax Gift Boxes just for you or a friend who is in need of a virtual hug.

Speaking with people who have been furloughed and working from home the feeling if that going back to the office is like the first day back at school, a mix of nerves and excitement, and there will be so much to talk about around the water cooler!  Why not start afresh with one of our gorgeous Desk Mate gift boxes? The luxury Cross Notebook will be sure to set you apart in the morning meetings.  We also have the Eco Bamboo desk set or the Writer, our own set featuring the Collins Notebook and USB Ballpoint pen.

For students returning to University it is a requirement of the establishment that a full risk assessment has been carried out.  The same guidelines apply here as they do across society as a whole.  If we keep our distance, wash and sanitise hands and surfaces and wear masks then we will be helping ourselves and protecting others.  Our student gift box contains hand sanitiser, a stainless re-useable chilly style water bottle along with a number of essential items to help with day to day student life.  We particularly like the classy ballpoint pen with the added bonus of a 16 GB USB storage stick contained in the handle, supplied in a presentation box this is a lovely gift in itself, so add the student cook book and playing cards and it's a cracker. 

As the summer term progresses the government will be monitoring the data to decide on next steps so let's all keep ourselves safe.

With the fine weather coming and the positive vibes around Covid and the vaccine, we’re feeling very hopeful about the months ahead.

Enjoy the Summer! x

April 22, 2021 — Julie Selby