The gyms are due to open and reading between the lines, the joints of many people are still very much in lockdown! 

Lockdown has been eased, so now’s the time to get moving ready for summer. 

Even if you’re not quite ready to hit the treadmill or weights room just yet there are many ways to get moving and ease your way back to some normality and better health.

We have all read the advice about getting off the bus a stop earlier, parking the car a little bit further away from work, but for a while to come many of us will still be working from home and won’t have the commute.  We will however be able to meet up with a friend to enjoy the warmer weather and get on the go for a walk through the park or even just round the block, the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors and being able to see another person will be huge!  Add to this that you can also stop for a coffee or picnic and the world just seems so much better.  Even more so if you treat yourself or your friend to one of our eco gift boxes.  Some of our gift boxes contain beautiful, recycled and sustainable Ecoffee cups or sustainable bamboo travel mugs, you’ll look great, be making yourself feel better and helping to reduce waste!

If you have outdoor space at home, now is the time to start turning over those beds and thinking about sowing some seeds for the summer.  We have a selection of gardening gift boxes available ideal for tubs and pots as well as borders.  The gift boxes have been brought together to either help wildlife, enhance spring or provide some white blossom for shady spots in your garden.  So when you can have guests outside again not only will they love the work you have put in, they will envy the lovely co-ordinated mug that comes with each of the seed box gifts.

If the gym is your thing, remember its safety first and baby steps, we really don’t want to go through this again!  The guidelines are that it will be a while yet before we can really relax. We’ll still need masks and distancing and avoid too much contact.  To help we have the chilly style water bottle that keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, and of course the super sleek hand sanitiser which has a screw top and so can be refilled. 

Part of getting back to better health is taking care of your mind too.  The last twelve months have been an “Annus Horribilis” and there has been a surge in mindfulness and relaxation gifts which we feel are essential.  It is important that you pamper your mind as well as your body.  Why not send a gift box to a loved one or training partner?  Our relax gift box as well as the mindful, hug and happy all come beautifully gift wrapped with a personalised card and make stunning, complete and well thought out gifts.  We really love the collections of boxes to send as gifts that the team has pulled together and hope you do to.

So as lockdown eases, best foot forward but for now keep it two metres from the next person!

March 21, 2021 — Julie Selby