Bringing a new kitten into your family is such an exciting decision and you will be sure of years of fun ahead if you make some simple checks before making your choice.

According to a cat is the best choice for a pet for a number of reasons, not simply because they are independent, quiet and often low maintenance compared to a dog.

Cats are self-cleaning so there is no great expense for grooming parlours and bathing unless of course you choose an exotic or long-haired breed.  They also are known to reduce stress and help you to relax.  The natural endorphins released when stroking a cat or kitten are known to make you feel happy.   

Like with any commitment to a pet it’s essential that you do your research.  A cats will live for around 14 years, so although for the most part they are quite independent, they still require your care and love for quite some time.

It is important that you see the kitten with its mother and the little one should be with mum until at least 8 weeks old.  The kitten should be bright eyed and interested in their surroundings.  Like with dogs there is a real problem with kitten farming and it is important that these people are not rewarded by a sale.  The she cats are often overbred and are unhealthy with some issues that might be passed to your new kitten.  Kittens raised with their siblings often are better equipped for the future.

Check out and download their full checklist so you don’t forget to ask all the important questions when you speak with the breeder. 

When you have found the perfect puss we have the perfect gift box for kittens.  As you won’t necessarily need grooming products, although we do include a brush, we have focussed on playtime!  Cats and kittens love to play and we have gathered together the perfect box of gifts from quality pet product suppliers including Gor Pets and Pipolino.  We are sure your new kitty will love their new gift and you will love watching them playing and enjoying themselves.

March 26, 2021 — Julie Selby