Travel Gift Box - "The Commuter"


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The perfect travel gift for people on the move.  Available in Silver or Black, this gift set includes a selection of enough handy pieces to keep your commute hassle-free. 

Important information can be kept close to hand with the stylish 16GB USB stick and pen.  A Smart Arch Power bank with 8000 mAh and USB charger is also included for those dreaded moments of battery drain! 

With the eco-friendly, Eco Coffee Travel Cup, Mints and Hand Sanitiser complementing this kit, the lucky recipient will be fully charged and ready to go!

What's in the box:

Pen & Memory Stick - Stylish ballpoint pen and useful 16GB USB in one handy unit.  Comes complete with handy case.

Hand Sanitiser - Hand Sanitiser, 50ml.  Contains 70% Alcohol.  Produced and Bottled in the UK.

Smart Arch plus Powerbank - Smart Arch Powerbank packs a mighty 8000 mah capacity and with 4 LED lights to show the charge level.  Complete with USB cable.

Travel Cup 12oz - From Ecoffee Cup, this eco-friendly travel cup is microwave and dishwasher safe, suitable for daily usage to +100°C.  Cruelty-free - containing no animal or animal-derived products.

Mint Tin - Compact hinged lid tin.  Handy storage to keep those mints at optimum freshness!

Peppersmith Mighty Box Mints - Sugar free mints sweetened with 100% Xylitol, a naturally derived ingredient which helps keep teeth healthy. Flavoured with English peppermint from Hampshire. Each pocket pack contains approximately 25 mints, and each mint contains 0.5g of Xylitol.