Men's Grooming Gift Box - Clean On Me

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The perfect gift for the man who likes a little understated luxury in the bathroom. Male grooming has never been so good!

If you're looking for men's gift box ideas then you've come to the right place! This gift box contains everything he needs for the ultimate clean, from head to toe and teeth as well!

Light the delicious Workshop at Dusk candle and with the room with deliciously fragranced the pamper begins with a good scrub.  The handmade soap contains cedarwood, bergamot and sandalwood and is packed with poppy seeds. Combine the soap with the handy sisal hemp bath mitt and man, he'll be gleaming!  Don't forget the all important smile! This Bambaw bamboo eco friendly toothbrush has medium weight bristle brush to protect those teeth and the planet.

After the scrub down only Rugged Nature 100% all-in-one moisturiser for the body, hands, and face will do. A smooth, all-purpose moisturising cream, it is made with natural Orange and Bergamot, giving a fresh, revitalising scent, which lasts from morning to night without being overpowering.

What's in the box:

Workshop at Dusk Candle - Woody and musky with a hint of leather, this candle is reminiscent of a hobbyists workshop, winding down after a day at work.  This rich and warm scent congratulates you for a job well done.  Sandalwood is present throughout, giving the sense of fresh wood.  Patchouli and Amber set the tone alive with leather adding subtlety and depth.

Sisal Hemp Bath Mitt - Sisal is a great product for skincare - not just because it's got superb eco credentials, but it's so very hard wearing too. Buffing your skin will keep it soft and reduce hard skin patches and will stimulate blood to the surface of the skin too, keeping it healthy from the inside.  Can be used wet or dry.

Mr Scrubba Scrubba Handmade Soap - A handmade soap with cedarwood, bergamot and sandalwood, packed with poppy seeds for a good scrub!

Bambaw Bamboo Toothbrush - Clean your teeth without dirtying the planet, with this bamboo toothbrush by Bambaw.  Contains Activated Charcoal for a deeper clean.

Rugged Nature Moisturiser - 100% all-in-one moisturiser for the body, hands, and face. A smooth, all-purpose moisturising cream