Gin Glass Gift Box - "The Fun Be-Gins"


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A stylish and unique Gin Lovers gift box. With all the fabulous gins available we realised that we might not make the right choice if we included them in our gift boxes.  Instead we have created this lovely gift set to provide all you need to naturally enhance your favourite gin flavour.

With all these lovely botanicals to bring your gin to life, we're sure you'll be spoilt for choice!

What's in the box:

Gin & Tonic Infusion Gift Box - Handmade by Brew & Botanical Co. and containing seven premium botanical ingredients in corked glass-like test tubes.  A perfect gift for Gin lovers or cocktail enthusiasts.

LSA Copa Glass (Copper) - This stylish mouth-blown gin balloon glass with a flared, hand-painted metallic stem in copper, will add a touch of glamour to your regular tipple.

Rocks of Steel Ice Cubes - There's nothing worse than when you've poured your favourite drink and the ice melts!  So we've included a set of six attractive steel ice cubes filled with a special chilling gel.  Used in a room temperature drink, they will chill without diluting - perfect!