Gift for Him - Grandads Tin

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Love you Grandad!  Cheer up the best grandad with this fabulous gift for the man who has everything and needs somewhere to keep it!

What's in the Box?

Grandads Tin - One of the best things of heading to Grandad's house as a kid is all of the sweets and goodies. From werthers original to chocolate eclairs, bourbon creams to kit kats. Look no further for the perfect giftable storage solution. Get all these amazing goodies in one place and fill up this cute, spacious tin. Tins are the core category of the Brightside range and these are a great gift or self purchase. Embossed words with a stylish metallic finish, it is a great and functional gift for a kitchen or pantry cupboard.

Grandads Socks - Bright and cheerful socks that tell the world just how much you love him! Top Grandad socks in size 4 - 11 in a soft 80% cotton finish.