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Gardener's Gift Box - "The Winter Seed Collection"


A super gift for the gardeners in your life.  This collection of seeds have been brought together to add some wonder and wildlife to your garden.

Each tin contains 20 seed balls, and together the set will cover an area 3 square metres in a garden or 9-15 medium sized pots.  Best scattered in the Spring or Autumn.

You can't do the gardening without a nice cuppa, so we've included this enamel mug, tea by award winning Bird & Blend and some super-soft socks.

What's in the box:

Seedballs (Bee Merry) - Each seed ball contains approximately 30 seeds from a mix of Birdsfoot Trefoil, Foxglove, Red Clover, Viper’s Bugloss and Wild Marjoram – all recommended as bee-friendly plants by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.  We’ve also added a sprinkling of pollinator-friendly annuals Chamomile, Cornflower, Corn marigold and Night-flowering catchfly.

Seedballs (Let It Snow) - A selection of beautiful all white-flowering native wildflowers that are hugely beneficial to bees and butterflies!  Each seed ball contains approximately 150 seeds from a mix of Meadow Sweet, Oxeye Daisy, White Campion, White Clover and Yarrow.

Seedballs (Wonderland) - Perfect for the shadier areas of your garden and balcony - not total shade, though!  This mix is designed for spots which receive only dappled sun or sun for just one part of the day.  Each ball contains approximately 30 seeds from a mixture of Bellflower, Forget-me-not, Meadow buttercup, Meadowsweet, Oxeye daisy, Ragged robin and Red campion.

Sock & Mug Gift - This stylish tin mug is perfect for being out in the garden, it also contains a super-soft pair of socks in size 7-11.

Tea Bag - Bird & Blend - This single serve of award winning Bird & Blends Great British Cuppa is a fragrant blend of black teas from across the world, all mingling harmoniously in your mug!  A lighter English breakfast blend.