Cat Gift Box - "The Mini Playful Puss"


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Gifts for pets are sometimes  difficult to buy, so how about the gift of play?

There is nothing more old and young cats love more than sensory play and here we have a gift box for cats containing a trio of sensory delights.  Containing a Crinkle Bag for sleep and play and Huggy Island activity toy, along with a tasty cat nip toy, these gifts create a mini paradise for any cat!

What's in the box:

Cat Crinkle Bag - Fun and cosy for any cat, this Gor Pets Crinkle Bag is lined with the softest fleece and a crinkle-sound filling, providing the perfect amusement and place for a cat nap.  The outer is made from a high quality suedette.

Cat Huggy Island - Made from a sturdy frame and covered with lovely soft fur, this toy hides a rattle ball inside the centre tube.  The centre spring, mini bells and soft huggy body let cats do what they love doing best… batting, chasing and catching.  Size 17 x 12cm.

Cat Nip Mouse - The corduroy mouse Refillable catnip toy utilises top quality, natural North American catnip.  KONG refillable catnip toys have a special compartment that can be opened and closed so that fresh catnip can be added again and again..