Car Gift Box - "The New Wheels"


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Just passed their driving test or celebrating a new car?  They can head out on the highway in style with this selection of handy gifts.

A fluffy super-absorbent wash mitt is included to get the new set of wheels sparkling and those cold winter months are taken care of with a toasty fur-lined ice scraper mitt.  On the move, a USB car charger, hand sanitiser and fresh mints are included, along with a travel cup (sustainable, of course!) from Eco Coffee. 

Those new car keys need a new keyring so our stylish faux leather keyring is included to resolve that problem!

What's in the box:

Wash Mitt - High quality super soft microfibre made from ultra-fine microfibre that is soft and delicate.  Perfect for use on washing and dusting quality paint work and glass.

Peppersmith Mighty Box Mints - Sugar-free mints sweetened with 100% Xylitol, a naturally-derived ingredient, which helps keep teeth healthy.  Flavoured with English Peppermint from Hampshire, each pocket pack contains approximately 25 mints and each mint contains 0.5g of Xylitol.

Mint Tin - Compact hinged lid tin.  Handy storage to keep those mints at optimum freshness!

Travel Cup (Black) - From Ecoffee Cup, this eco-friendly travel cup is microwave and dishwasher safe, suitable for daily usage to +100°C.  Cruelty-free - containing no animal or animal-derived products.

Positivity Keyring - A unique design, this faux leather Keyring comes complete with an embossed charm and message of Positivity.

Hand Sanitiser - Hand Sanitiser, 50ml.  Contains 70% Alcohol.  Produced and Bottled in the UK.

Ice Scraper - Sturdy opaque plastic ice scraper with a long handle enclosed inside a toasty fleece-lined water-resistant gloves.

Car Charger - Black USB car charger Abs. 2 5v-1-2,1a outputs.  Compact and essential to keep fully-charged and in touch whilst out on the road.