BBQ Gift Box - "The Sizzler"


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Looking for a grilling gift box for those hot summer months?  Look no further, as this gift box has everything needed to bolster that BBQ!

With Summer on its way, it's time to dust those cobwebs off the BBQ for another year and get cooking!  This is the perfect birthday box for anyone who loves to cook outdoors.  How about this for any unusual Wedding Gift - after all, who doesn't need a BBQ gift box?  Included is a handy BBQ Tool, delicious rubs for Beef, Chicken and Fish, an apron and the fabulous Fire & Smoke BBQ recipe book to help chef cook up a feast.

What's in the box:

BBQ Multi-Tool - The "Swiss Army Knife of Barbeques"!  This handy BBQ Multi-Tool has every utensil you need in one handy fold-up device, making it the perfect portable companion for cooking on the go.  On this tool, there is a spatula (with scraper) fork, knife, bottle opener and corkscrew - this really is the ultimate BBQ companion.  A handy carry pouch is also included.

5 x BBQ Rubs - By Ross & Ross gifts, here is a selection of delicious rubs for Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Fish.  Covering a range of taste preferences, these handy pots are great for giving those BBQ goodies a bit of pizzazz!

Apron - Made by Suck UK, the home of quirky, innovative ideas, we have here an apron and cooking guide all in one!  Simply lift the apron, read the instructions and get cooking!

Fire & Smoke BBQ Recipe Cookbook - This is not just a cookbook, this is the ultimate guide to crowd pleasing BBQ success.  With a foreword by Heston Blumenthal, Rich Harris' recipe's are exciting, accessible and fun.  A great centre piece for this gift box for BBQ lovers!