I don’t know about you, but as I’ve got older I’ve gotten a lot less excited by the postman.  Not him personally, but what he’s delivering, as usually it’s bills.  I remember receiving my very first piece of mail when I was very young, a postcard from my grandparents who were away on holiday.  I was so excited to have gotten something when usually it was very boring looking white envelopes addressed to my parents.  As I got older and opened a bank account, I started to get more and more post, and the novelty soon wore off as I realised that most of the time it meant I had to pay for something.  But every now and again I would receive a handwritten envelope, maybe for Christmas or on my birthday, that had a well thought out and lovely written card from a relative or friend far away.  It really meant a lot to me then, and still does now.

It seems that greetings cards started out in Ancient China, where well-wishers sent cards to each other for New Year.  In the 1400s the tradition spread to Europe, where Valentine’s cards were delivered.   Fast forward to the 1800s and the first every Christmas card was sent, and since then the card industry has been providing thoughtful messages from friends and family across the world.

It’s the thought that counts, and sometimes receiving a card from a faraway loved one can be the difference between a bad day and a good one.  Sometimes the world can seem so huge, but a little message brings people that little bit closer to one another and when included with a beautiful gift box the message that you are thinking about someone is loud and clear.

We live in a digital world, where our lives are broadcast (if we choose) on social media, meaning that for the most part our friends can keep up to date on our latest news.  If we miss someone, or they randomly pop into our thoughts, we can send out a quick text in seconds, and check in on them.  This means that that huge world we were talking about is still just as huge, but so connected.  Imagine what the ancient Chinese sending their cards would think about that?!

But it also means that some of the charm can be lost in our communications with each other.  The quick text asking ‘how’s the fam?’ can be left unread, or answered briskly in between meetings, and the well-meaning message is forgotten about within the swirl of our crazy lifestyles. 

Sending and receiving cards is different.  It takes time to choose one, to write a message and to post.  When you’ve got it you can admire it, re-read it and enjoy the design on the front, knowing it was chosen with you in mind.  And it can be treasured; I have a box of greetings cards received from loved ones going back years, because I can’t bear to part with the lovely messages written inside.

We are all about connection at OohBox, which is why we offer greetings cards alongside our gift boxes.  Modern life is busy and hectic, so having a card you can hold in your hand can be such a joy, especially from a person you’ve not seen in a long time.  That’s why our cards are delivered by first class post as a single purchase, or your card can be placed in the OohBox you’ve bought for your friend, giving a great gift with an even more personalised touch.

March 10, 2022 — Julie Selby