Ohhhh yes.  It’s Autumn!

I know Summer is the alpha male of the seasons, but personally, my favourite season is Autumn.  I love the leaves turning, the night’s drawing in, and weather that’s not too cold, but cold enough to unpack the knitwear from last year.  It’s just lovely weather for staying indoors, which admittedly is one of my favourite things to do!

For me, there are particular ingredients to the perfect cosy Autumn evening; the main one being the choice of film.  A Richard Curtis Rom Com is up there, or a gentle kid’s film is also high on the list.  I have lovely memories of early Sunday nights with my mum and my sister watching Disney classics, wrapped up in blankets and watching the sun go down through the window.

That’s another important ingredient: knitwear.  A big chunky blanket is a personal favourite, but you can’t go wrong with fluffy pyjamas and slipper socks.  Feeling cosy on the sofa is a gorgeous, totally inexpensive little luxury that will help you to feel well rested, especially if you’re someone who struggles as the days get shorter.

Candles are also a lovely extra that help set the scene for relaxation.  Here at Ooh Box we love the Candle Brand candles that we have in a selection of our hampers.  The Lavender & Clary Sage scented candle that’s in our Mindfulness boxes is perfect for a sleepy evening at home (although careful with Clary Sage if you’re pregnant).

The next thing that should be on your list is the choice of hot beverage.  Are you a tea lover?  A fizz person?  Or do you like something sweeter?  The classic choice would be a Hot Chocolate, but for those of us who like to wind down in the evenings, a mug of herbal tea can be just as soothing.  There’s nothing stopping you enjoying a glass of fizz even (treat yourself, it’s nearly Christmas) or a can of beer!  Autumn nights are totally about spoiling yourself, so make sure you’re stocked up with whatever you like to sip on.

And last, but certainly not least: the snacks.  Perhaps you’ve spent a cold day indoors baking, and you’re ready to tuck into your culinary creations after the sun has gone down.  Or maybe you’ve been saving some fancy chocolates to have after your dinner?  Again, Autumn is for a bit of indulgence, so we at Ooh Box say do what makes your soul happy, and if that’s polishing off those sea salt caramel truffles, then go for it.

So there you have it.  With our Chick Flick, Blockbuster and Date Night Gift boxes all you need to do is choose your film and decide on whether you're going to share the cosiness or enjoy the solitude.  Just wrap up on the couch with a candle burning and the lights turned low.  And if you're in mind of someone who needs a pick me up, why not send a gift box of a cosy night in or a virtual Hug to someone you love?  That way you can invite yourself over and they’re obligated to share their chocolate with you…just a thought!

October 01, 2021 — Hannah Selby-Hughes