We all know the phrase ‘man’s best friend’, but it is so true to those of us lucky enough to have a furry friend in our lives.  Dogs have been a part of human life for millions of years, but their roles have changed over that time!  The first dogs were domesticated wolves, trained by early humans to help hunt and protect-can you even imagine what those people would think if they could see how far their faithful companions have come?!

Anyone who’s a dog lover can tell you how much of a lifesaver these gorgeous animals still are.  From heroic tales of dogs protecting babies from predators, or saving people from drowning, up to more subtle protective behaviours, like lending a cuddle to someone who desperately needs one or keeping a blind person or a diabetic person safe, dogs are totally integral to our lives.

There’s no denying, though, that dogs can be hard work, and becoming a dog owner is a decision you can’t take lightly.  Our dog, Sykes, is an English Bull Terrier, and to those in the know they can be quite a handful!  Sykes has a very…specific personality (to put it lightly!) and he makes himself known by ignoring calls to come back, refusing to play fetch, lounging in the sun all day and having mad half an hours bounding round the living room!

We are classic dog owners, in that we are absolute suckers for buying Sykes gifts here and there, whether it's a treat for being the best boy or a dog birthday box. The thing is, we find it so difficult to shop for things that we know are going to be good for him.  Sykes’ breed is pretty sensitive to a lot of things, and skin conditions are quite rampant depending on what he eats and what shampoo we use, so shopping for treats isn’t usually an easy thing.

As we learn more and more about health and wellbeing for our pooches, we are learning that they can’t have just any old thing, and if we want a happy, healthy companion, we need to be more mindful with what we’re giving them!  A cool fact is that dogs’ diet have evolved over millions of years to basically eat the same foods we eat, so as we become more aware of what we put in our bodies, it follows that we do the same for our pets.

So what’s the answer?  There are thousands and thousands of products out there to buy, but how do you sort the wheat from the chaff and really "Pamper your Pooch"?  There are so many additives in treats that are fine for some dogs, and not for others.  The same with shampoos and skin products.  Lucky for you, Ooh Box has done the research for you and brought together safe and gorgeous treats for your furry mate!

The chews included in the dog gift box are made entirely from vegetable compounds, so suitable for most pooches, and the range of Hownd skin care products included are PH-balanced and antibacterial.  The luxe brush is gentle, made from bamboo for that eco friendly touch and helps clean and protect their top coat, and the pooch wine is totally caffeine free and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The Pampered Pup is a surefire way of treating your pooch with the care they deserve, and with Christmas just around the corner, you know exactly where to go to buy your dog gifts this year!

September 26, 2021 — Hannah Selby-Hughes