Being pregnant is tiring!  One minute the mum to be can feel full of beans and ready for anything, friends and family tell her that she is “glowing” and then the next she feels more tired than she’s ever felt before, everything aches and she can wonder what the heck she was thinking!  It’s an emotional roller-coaster growing a human and she will need support and kindness.

If you have a partner, friend or family member who is expecting and want to send a beautiful gift that lets her know that you are thinking of her then read on for a list of great ideas.

Skin care:

A pregnant tummy will feel the strain so good quality moisturisers and creams are an essential and a useful gift.  Stretch mark oils and nipple creams are always well received but make sure you choose a pregnancy safe brand to include in your gift box.  We have chosen Moo-Goo for our Mum to Be Gift box.  Using totally natural ingredients and zero chemicals, in fact the nipple cream is so safe, like the lip balm it’s edible and so doesn’t need to be removed before feeding!

Anything for Sleep:

No matter how many cushions and supports the mum to be may have, there comes a time when sleep is just a distant memory so anything that will help soothe the mind and help her to relax will go down a storm.  Herbal teas specially formulated for pregnancy are a real boon and perfect to include in a relax box gift.  We have Pukka herbal teas in our Baby Shower and Mum to Be pamper gifts both are safe to use in pregnancy during the second and third trimester. 

Sleep Masks come in all qualities but a good mask can make all the difference.  We love the luxury satin masks from Smug which are perfect to aid those essential afternoon naps or how about a lavender scented and weighted mask which helps to aid relaxation and promotes sleep as seen in our Mindfulness Gift Box.  Perfect for use in labour too, this herbal mask will help to soothe away any stress.


There are a so many gorgeous candle suppliers in the UK but do be careful on the fragrances, some can be tricky in later pregnancy, Clary Sage is a scent than can induce labour so be careful what you choose.  To take away the pressure we have included a lovely occasion candle in both our new mum focussed gift boxes. In a commemorative Lovely Mum tin this candle is safe and has had rave reviews, it “smells divine”!


Yes please!  When energy levels are low, a little sweet treat doesn’t do any harm at all.  Sit back with your herbal tea, flick on the TV, put your feet up and enjoy!

Cute Mugs:

There are lots of great ideas out there. Personalised, cute or stylish the stores are full of them.  We have opted for an ergonomic barrel mug printed simply with “Mummy” so it will last a lifetime!


A lovely notebook and pen set would be a lovely gift for a new mum.  A place to write down her feelings, changes to her body and her wish list for the new arrival.  Great for off-loading worries and as a lovely keep sake for the years ahead.  Journaling is a proven way of helping to clear the mind and is so personal.  The Baby Shower and The Writer are ideal and with vast self-help and beginners guides to journaling online this could be the start of a new hobby too.  The great thing about journaling is that it’s entirely up to you what you include. It can contain cartoons, doodles, photos.  It can be in colour or full of highlights, so our straight forward lined pages allow the writer to be creative.

We love the thought of new babies and growing families and our comprehensive range of relaxation, pamper and new baby gift boxes are some of our favourites.  We hope you love them as much as we do!

August 22, 2021 — Julie Selby