Summer is just around the corner and here in GB we love a BBQ.  Even if the weather is un-predictable you can be sure us Brits know how to have a good time!

The more people you have to your outdoor bash the more work you’ll have to do, so streamline the process by taking these easy steps to manage the preparation and the day so that you as the host can have a great time too.

Plan Your Guest List.

Think about your space.  If you have a smaller garden then inviting the whole street won’t work too well and you’ll end up stressed.  If you are planning a street BBQ, then see if garden fence panels can be lifted to create a larger space, that way you can involve the neighbours in the planning too.  Use WhatsApp or Facebook to create your guest list, this makes it easier for your guests to be able to reply in good time as you’ll have a lot of planning to do.  The number of friends is directly linked to your budget.  If you have a large list and small budget then ask for help. Maybe you could share the financial burden by asking friends to supply certain foods, one gets the bread, the other the nibbles etc.

Weather proofing.

The British weather is not always the best, and what starts as a glorious summer day can quickly change into a downpour!  The simple solution is to have a load of umbrellas available, we all have them so just ask your guests to bring as many as they can!  Gazebos and tents are great if you have the space.


Some people love to mingle and will be dancing and wandering amongst the guests for the whole party but you will need to provide some comfy seats for those that don’t.  Don’t cram everyone in together and if you are able to erect a gazebo or tent then scatter cushions and beanbags are perfect.


Having a theme is a nice touch and can be achieved quite simply.  Get the kids to help with hanging the bunting, colour co-ordinated flowers, table cloths and napkins.


Have a playlist with a mix of styles.  It’s easier to do this on your device or on a subscription service where you can have a good few hours music playing rather than just a few songs on a loop.  This way you don’t have any dead air whilst you look for CDs!  If you have space, leave a little free to use as a dance floor.


It’s sensible to ask as part of the invitation whether they have any dietary requirements.  Veggie, Gluten free and so on may need to be considered and this is much easier if you are aware as early as possible.  Include cheaper dishes that can be used alongside the expensive meat offering; rice and pasta salads can be made in bulk and are cheap and filling.  Don’t forget nibbles and snacks for the first footers and for when the main food has run out, if the drink is flowing it is better that your guests have something to line their tummies.


This is the tricky part of any gathering as you can’t be expected to know everyone’s tastes.  The easiest and cheapest way is to provide mixers and soft drinks and ask people to bring their own.  If you have a small budget for drinks then just buy the most popular bottles, Prosecco, Wine and Beers or you could just make a few jugs of punch.

Finally, let your hair down!  You’ve done the prep and the party is in full swing so don’t get bogged down with the cleaning and tidying, you’re friends are there to see you too.

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Enjoy your party!

June 10, 2021 — Julie Selby