Cats, Dogs, they’re just animals, right?

Being an animal-loving nation, we see them as so much more.  A quote heard often from anybody owning a pet is “but, they’re part of the family” and do you know, we couldn’t agree more!

Whilst they love us back, the chances of your dog walking into a shop or going online to buy gifts for their fellow humans are pretty slim, there are other ways they reward us.  Their biggest gift is their unconditional love.  The same goes with cats, no grand gestures, but always there for a cuddle when you need one the most.

For years our fur-babies have helped us to lower blood pressure, helping us to recuperate more quickly from major illnesses as well as lifting spirits - and all this simply from just by being themselves.  Dogs are especially well-known for living in the moment, which you’ll gather from the rapturous welcome you receive whether you’re arriving home from work or you’ve just popped to the shops – time just means nothing.  Cats, whilst probably being just as excited do this in a more quiet, dignified manner - a meow, a rub against your legs or jumping on your knee for a cuddle, whichever way they do it, they’ve missed you!

So, what do you give back to your “mobile therapy unit”?  The luxury pet market has soared in recent years with the grandest gestures consisting of diamond-studded collars, luxury beds (suitable even for a human’s good night’s sleep) and for the discerning pet athlete, how about a treadmill?  Price tags for these extravagant gifts vary, but be warned, they aren’t the most-affordable!

Keeping it real, here at OohBox, we’ve thought of practical pet gifts – no treadmills (sorry, they won’t fit into our boxes!), but practical gifts to keep you and your pet happy. 

After those damp, winter walks, what better than to treat your dog to the ultimate pampering experience?  Complete with brush, towel, shampoo, body mist and a paw balm for those hard-working pads, not only will your pooch be clean, groomed and smell amazing, they will be well fed and watered.  Once the hard work is done, they can settle down with a bottle of Champaws (non-alcoholic, of course) accompanied by vegetable-based dental chews to keep them gnashers looking fresher (we can’t guarantee dog’s breath will always smell fresh, though!)

And let’s not forget about the cat.  For your feline friend, we’ve gone all playful.  We have included a brush, crinkle bag, huggy island swing set, treat dispenser toy, great for controlling digestion and as a special treat at the end of all that playing, a lovely little catnip toy.

Whatever your budget, the biggest and cheapest reward you can ever give your pet is good, old-fashioned love, but a little appreciation for all those unsung qualities they bring to our lives also goes a long way!