Being a mum, they say, is the best and hardest job in the world, and I cannot disagree.  That said, I have not had a bit of trouble from any of my children, they are, thankfully, all successful and happy and with families of their own (and so the circle goes on). 

Are they well balanced through nurture, nature or just good luck?  I don’t know, all I know is that as they have grown we have evolved from being parent and child into friends, and that is the best gift of all.

From the day they are born, the joy and love you feel is truly over-whelming. 

No two days are the same.

There is always a new facet of your child to consider, from the coo-ing and goo-ing to the sleepless nights and temper tantrums, it’s very much a roller-coaster of tummy turning love, nauseating anxiety and abject fear! 

Back in the day we didn’t have a baby shower, this is a more recent thing, Mum’s to be would get together after the anti-natal classes just to be together, to offer or receive support, have a few laughs and then after the arrival maybe a few wine’s where we would discuss what new developments there were.

We would quiz each other, checking whether things were normal, is my baby keeping up or is he/she behind everyone else? Nothing changes, as a grandma I'm hearing it all over again, and with new babies in the Oohbox team its like I'm on repeat!

We worry and hurry so much and in hindsight it all just goes so quickly. 

As soon as you get the first smile, the first words, first steps, first day at school, first boyfriend/girlfriend, and off to university…….you get the picture, blink and before you know it they have families and relationships of their own. 

If I have one piece of advice it would be to cherish every minute.  Time is precious.

All families need more time together! 

Whether its, work, school, friends or other pressures that get in the way, just having a few minutes to check in and share your day will help. When we can we make room to be together, to relax, have a movie night, walk the dog or just chat it reminds us that we are a team and everything is just better. 

Now they are older I am reaping the rewards!  I have had some fabulous mother’s day gifts over the years, birthday boxes and pamper gifts!  This sounds a bit mercenary, and in truth, the phone calls, cards and hugs do it every time, though I do love the gift boxes! 

The beauty of it all is, that they are never completely independent.  The gift is that they come back for advice, from mum and dad, it’s then that you know you’ve done a good job.


January 16, 2023 — Julie Selby