Gooooood saaaaaave ouuuuur graaaaacious Queeeeeen, Gooooood saaaave ouuuuur noooooble Queeeeen…

Seventy years on the throne!  And what better way to celebrate the longest reigning monarch of the British Isles than with a long weekend?  Let’s pray the rain stays off, folks!

We Brits love a street party.  Always have, always will.  Especially after the last few years, the platinum jubilee is the perfect excuse to get together with friends and neighbours and celebrate!

We’ve put together a few ideas of how to liven up your jubilee street party, in the hope that your bunting flies proudly from lamppost to lamppost, from Friday to Monday.

Step One: Invites

It’s not a party if your guests don’t know it’s happening!  Paper Union flags, origami corgis, even stamps (if you can write small enough) are quirky ways to spread the word about your street party.  Or if you have kids desperate to help out, there are some cute jubilee inspired colouring sheet designs on the government website that are free to download, that can double up as a fun kid’s activity and a written invitation round the neighbourhood.

Step Two: Decorations and Entertainment

Now to get it looking like the best party in the village!  Bunting, themed tablecloths, paper plates, balloons are all necessary, the more red, white and blue the better!

You’ll need to think about your music, too.  I would go down one of two routes: full out cheesy British hits is my first thought.  We’re talking Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Blue, Elton John, the works.  Or another cute option would be to go full vintage, with Vera Lynn, Glen Miller, The Andrews Sisters, and Bing Crosby.  Either will really set the scene for your British themed extravaganza!

Step Three: Food & Drink

Another one to get the kids involved in: strawberries and cream, scones with jam, afternoon tea platters (you can see I’ve gone all in with the theme here).  And of course, you need a wide variety of drinks!  Flavoured gin is lovely on a (hopefully) sunny weekend, and it’s not a party until someone gets the jug of Pimm’s circulating.

Step Four: Community Spirit

My neighbours had a great idea at Christmas: everyone on the street donated £1, and a few days before Christmas Day we all gathered around a tree, sang carols and gave out mulled wine for the grown ups and chocolates for the little ones.  It was so lovely, and the fact that we knew we’d all chipped in made it feel like a real community led evening! 

Don’t feel like you have to take it all on yourself; get a whatsapp group sorted and ask for donations to help cover the cost of the food and drink, or ask people to bring their tables and chairs outside to make one big table in the middle of the street!  Coordinate with your neighbour directly across to string bunting from their window to yours.  It’s all about coming together, at the end of the day.

I hope your Jubilee party is as good as it possibly can be, happy Platinum, guys!

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