I know, I know, we’re wading into hugely political waters here.  Never in the history of time has there been a more anger-fuelled question asked than: is a dog or a cat the better pet?

The gang at OohBox have never been afraid to wade into the nitty gritty (we actually solved the riddle of which is the better Star Wars movie only last week) and present the facts to you as clearly as possible.

OK, I can see that you’re close to passing out, so long have you waited with bated breath.  So without further ado, may I present to you: cats versus dogs.

Entertainment: Dogs – 8, Cats – 6

Dogs are definitely the clear winner in the entertainment contest.  Walks, zoomies, tricks, dogs can keep you active and entertained for hours on end, as long as you properly stimulate them!

That’s not to say that cats can’t be entertaining, too!  There’s nothing better than searching for funny cat videos on the internet, and any cat owner will spend hours gushing over how amazing and talented their purrfect friend is.

Independence: Dogs – 3, Cats – 9

If you work long hours, or enjoy spending evenings out and about, we certainly would not recommend a dog.  They require a lot of stimulation so time alone needs to be limited to a few hours at a time (depending on the breed).  In the Summer it’s not too bad; a gentle walk to a dog friendly beer garden is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but doing that in the middle of January just isn’t as fun.

Cats on the other hand, are practically known for their independence.  Depending on whether you get a house cat or an outdoor cat, as long as they have a crinkle mat or scratch pole to keep them occupied, and some food and water, they can sort themselves out for quite a lot longer than dogs.

Affection:  Dogs – 8, Cats – 8

This one is a tie, rendering it utterly useless in our tally.  Dogs are super cuddly, and will usually happily chew on a treat while lying on your lap or on your feet.  However, while cats tend to be quite aloof, it only means that when they do choose to lie on your lap, it feels all the more special.

Range of breeds:  Dogs – 9, Cats – 4

I’m generalising slightly here, but the variety of breeds available to dogs is a lot more distinct than with the cat world.  Depending on your home, your work life, your activity levels, you’re sure to find a breed of dog that can comfortably slot in with your lifestyle.  Just be careful if you’re buying ‘designer’ breeds; it’s always good to check if there are any health issues connected with a breed, and whether the dog has been bred ethically.

While I’m sure a lot of people will shout at me that there are a huge amount of different cat breeds, I think it’s fair to say that it’s incomparable to the differences you can find between dogs!

Maintenance:  Dogs – 7, Cats – 8

Cats just slightly pip dogs to the post on this one.  It depends on how much you actually want to maintain your pet’s fur that will tell you how easy it is to maintain.  Most dogs are content with a brush every week (more or less depending on how much hair they have) and a shampoo every month or so.  While cats are similar, the thing that makes it slightly easier is that they spend a lot of time grooming themselves, so it leaves less for you to do.

Total Score:

Dogs:   35/50

Cats:    35/50

…ah.  OK.  I see the issue here.

Well, anyway, the message we can all take home is: cats are great, dogs are great, and you’ll be lucky to have either (or both) in your lives.