Our engagement and romance gift boxes are flying out at the moment and that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy 💌

With Valentine’s Day just a couple of weeks away now is the ideal time to show your significant other just how much you care and what better way than to send a beautifully wrapped luxury gift box that is packed with fabulous and carefully chosen treats that would bring joy to the both the romantics and the cold fish amongst us!

Our aim is to give you some inspiration and offer a stress free way to choose and send gifts for all occasions and we have something for everyone.  Chocolates and champagne, pamper gifts and gardening, we even have gifts for your beloved cats and dogs!

Covid has definitely brought the romance out in full force.  We have started 2022 with the biggest ever demand for engagement and wedding gifts.  Our gorgeous Engagement mug sets are on re-order (again) and the full Engagement gift the “Say Yes” is a close second.  So what has been going on?

Between Christmas and New Year is the most popular period of the year to “pop the question” but Valentine’s Day remains the highest by a long way, no surprise there.  Our research shows that there are some real romantics out there who choose the anniversary of the first day they met as the day they will propose……Awww 💕

So what makes Christmas so popular for proposals?  According to Chillisauce, who survey over 10,000 people across the UK, the main reason is the sheer romance of Christmas and the proximity of family combined make it the perfect time.  And if the “asker” is a traditionalist then dad is likely to be around to give permission!

Of those asked, “Why Valentine’s Day?” the common responses were that “it is traditional and it’s romantic”, good enough reasons for us.

How should you propose?  Well of those surveyed, almost 50% of women asked said to “Just get on with it”!  Although grand gestures can be spectacular, most respondents would rather not endure the suspense, so keep it simple and deliver a concise and beautiful message.  Only 10% wanted an extravagant proposal!

Who’s more likely to pop the question?  In heterosexual relationships it remains the man who does the asking though in the last 10 years the number of women taking charge has risen from 5% to 16%.  Traditionally a woman would take the reins in a leap year with 52% of those asked saying they would take advantage of the shorter month of February, but as the next one is not until 2024 and you are a lady ready to take the plunge then pluck up the courage and ask!  Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away!

We have a beautiful Engagement Gift Hamper, the “Say Yes” with Bride and Groom to Be Mugs, a beautifully scented candle, vow books and a countdown board for the big day.  Alternatively we can send the Engagement Mug Set which is displayed in our luxury white gift box with a wax sealed wrap and all our gift sets have the option of a message card. 

Check out our shop for engagement gifts, for help to choose a wedding gift or a Valentine's gift for your partner and for gift inspiration for all special occasions.