Each week there is a glimmer of light or is it sun?  It's the time of year when the weather can't make it's mind up and we can lunge from double figures, temperature wise down to minus and freezing!  The gritter vehicles are out in force but the signs of spring are coming.

Is there anything more hopeful than the sight of snowdrops, daffodils and the beautiful colours of spring bulbs?

Now is the time to start the tidy up ready for early planting and the keen and even not so keen gardeners will be looking forward to the warmer days and getting their green fingers well and truly stuck in.

Garden equipment can be pricey and experienced gardeners will have their favourites so our gift boxes will hit the right note.

We are proud to have chosen Seedball as our supplier in all of our three Garden Boxes. 

We have Winter Seeds, only called this because the tins have Yuletide names, like Bee Merry, Let it Snow and Wonderland.  The contents can be planted early season for a later show.  We also have the Spring Seed boxes and Nature Seeds so named as the seed balls all attract wildlife to the garden.  Each gift box comes with a mug and the Winter comes with the extra cosy socks for those frosty days!  Each seed ball tin contains 20 seed balls, and together the set will cover an area 3 square metres in a garden or 9-15 medium sized pots.  At just £30 these gift boxes are a real bargain.  Beautifully gift wrapped and delivered free of charge to UK mainland these are an ideal, simple and practical choice for someone who loves their open spaces.

You don't need to be a gardener to understand the importance of the bees and other pollinators.  Without them we'll have no flowers or crops!  To help our little buzzy buddies out we have created this fabulous Bee-Loved Garden Hamper

With a large Bee Hotel, some bee friendly flower seeds, a bee happy mug, bee hydrator for when they get tired, some chocolate for when the busy gardener needs an energy boost and an easy peasy felting kit in the shape of a bee hive.  If your loved one loves bees then this is the gift for them!

So, if you have a hard to buy for friend or relative, who has a garden or a few patio tubs, then we have just the collection.

Roll on Spring and a bit of warmer weather!



February 13, 2022 — Julie Selby