Let’s face it we all love a bargain and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is a tad “Grinchy” when  buying my Christmas presents knowing that they will be much reduced in a few short weeks.  Sadly, although that is a trait I’m not proud of, I’m just not organised enough to buy so far in advance for next year, I don’t think I’m the only one?  But….after the year we’ve had, we all need to get our hands on some bargains.

There is a huge push to “shop small” and at OohBox we try to buy British as much as possible in order to support the hundreds of fabulous home grown cottage industries and businesses that are right here and right now!  Covid affected many small independent businesses and so now more than ever we want to support them and keep the choice and quality that they offer. 

Get a glass of something lovely, settle down on your sofa and shop away! 

Be savvy, check out the good savings and buy what you need, things that can be put away for an upcoming birthday, wedding or celebration or indeed treat yourself.

Start early, Boxing Day is when it all kicks off and that is where the bargains can be had.  Many retailers want to start afresh in the New Year so many of their seasonal gifts will be discounted. 

Here at Oohbox we will be discounting many of our winter warmers and Christmas gift boxes even though they will still be handy to have well into March and April when the temperatures increase.  I know I still wear my cosy socks right up to summer! 

Food based gift items will be good to get your hands on too.  With a shelf life, retailers need to keep this stock moving so for a tasty treat a seasonal sale might be the answer.  You can forget the New Year diet resolution for a day and “a little of what you fancy does you good”!

The trick is to remember that our purchases are driven by both logic and emotion, so to avoid over-spending have a clear idea or list of what you “need”. 

Of course we are all affected by the impulse buy but by planning in advance and being mindful of your available spend, the risk of blowing your budget will be minimised. 

Being in control of the more emotional side of the brain will also control the FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out! 

Online retailers will alert you to how many people have this in their basket or that there are low stocks.  These messages will be true but try to control the urge to follow the crowd, it’s another sure fire way of blowing the cash.  That said, as a small business we only keep low volumes of our gift boxes, so each one will be a special little treat that very few will have right now.

So, for this year’s sales remember, shop small, stay in control and enjoy yourself, you deserve a little treat.

Merry Christmas


December 19, 2022 — Julie Selby