“So looking forward to tomorrow!”

Me: Uh oh, what’s tomorrow?

“Yes me too?”


“I can’t believe it’s our one-year anniversary!”

Me: Noooooooooo! 

“Yes wow me neither.  Crazy”

The unmitigated terror of receiving a text like this.  Is there anything worse than forgetting a special occasion?

If you’ve done something like this, you’re not alone.  I think the majority of rom coms and sit coms have a storyline based on one person forgetting an anniversary or birthday, and a desperate attempt to scrabble a last-ditch attempt at a gift is made, with varying success.

The problem is, for most of us at least, is we don’t usually have a basket of doves that we can release into Central Park and scatter rose petals on the pavement while a string quartet plays.  The rest of us have to shop around a little more.

Whatever special occasion is happening, and happening sooner than you thought, be it a birthday, anniversary, leaving party, christening, it can be such a pain trying to find the right gift with no time.  What usually ends up happening (in our house at least) is we do a mad google search of ‘gift ideas birthday’, spend twenty minutes clicking through a ton of sites, before inevitably getting stressed and spending way too much money on a gift that you know they won’t really like from a huge faceless company.

This is why I’m sat here writing this blog in the first place.  OohBox is born from a situation very much like the one you may be in now that has brought you to this blog.  Looking for thoughtful gifts that don’t cost the earth and are easily and quickly sent to the recipient is difficult, but not impossible.  The guys and gals at OohBox are committed to bringing you affordable, beautiful items from small sellers, gorgeously presented and shipped within the UK for free on next day delivery.  You can’t say fairer than that!

While you’re reading this, I may as well give you a couple of ideas to go on to get you started on thinking about gifts:

For a birthday, something that promises the recipient a relaxing and fun filled night in is sure to be a hit.  Think candles, a tipple, some chocolates, or some bath stuff.  Perhaps for a retirement gift some gardening equipment or other hobby ideas will work?  A new baby means you can’t go wrong with weaning bowls, or some little keepsakes for the nursery.  Thanking a teacher or just about anyone who needs to be appreciated can be done with some practical gifts, like a gorgeous notebook and pen set, or a stylish water bottle.

There’s no need to stress if an event has crept up on you.  Visit our shop and save time and energy without sacrificing quality and care.

Ooh-box, always happy to help.