It’s not that long ago that men who spent time grooming were frowned upon, being seen as pompous and self-indulgent.  Thank goodness things have changed and not only is a well-groomed and well-dressed man perceived as desirable it shows a sense of self-pride and an awareness of basic hygiene!

So, whether you or your loved one is a grooming guru or is a quick shower and shave merchant we have put together a gift box for men that will complement the shortest or most involved male grooming routine.  What's good for the girls can be good for the guys!

We knew we needed more gift boxes for him, whether it was for a birthday gift, Father’s Day or a Just for You gift, whatever the occasion our research showed that men a notoriously hard to buy for.  When we came up with a Mens' Grooming gift box the reactions were quite mixed when we asked around the Ooh Box team, so we asked what their grooming routine was and what they felt constitutes male grooming.  Surprisingly we received a number of raised (and rather bushy) eyebrows and the phrase, “Well I shower every day and brush my teeth” being the most common response to our enquiries.  It seems the men in our close circle don’t really push the boat out when it comes to their pampering and wouldn’t buy themselves a Pamper Gift Box or indeed anything more than a deodorant and razor, these are things that they need but wouldn’t splash out on for themselves.  Perfect!  Now we know it's not on their own shopping list we can create a new gift for men!  We have put together a male pamper gift box with those essential items but with added luxury!

Our razor and toothbrush are both made from sustainable bamboo, no plastic here, so not only are we helping you to groom your loved one, we’re also helping, just a little, to save the planet!  Chosen from the ethical swaps range by supplier Bambaw we think we have hit the right balance of practicality and eco-friendly gifting. The swaps range consists or items that are either re-useable or bio degradable.

The luxury shaving set from Taylor of Bond Street contains a brush made from soft synthetic fibres, not badger hair making this a cruelty free option.  The brush is designed to exfoliate the skin when combined with the highly rated Sandalwood shaving cream and helps to create a rich lather for the shave.  As you can imagine when a product comes from a company that has been manufacturing high end male grooming products since 1854 the reviews are through the roof!

So we’ve got the shave covered and the teeth are sparkly, now we’ve got to buff that skin! With the combination of the natural sisal mitt and the beautifully scented handmade soap, the recipient will quickly reveal his inner “Distinguished Gent”.  We all enjoy a soak to help us wind down after a busy day and what better way to relax before a big night out than to fill that tub and light a candle and relax back.  The Workshop at Dusk candle is supplied by our Manchester friends Albion Candles.  Woody and musky with a hint of leather, this rich and warm scent congratulates you for a job well done.

The products in this fabulous gift box have hints of Sandalwood throughout so all sit together well, creating a subtle masculine fragrance for the whole body.

Lockdown is lifting and we’re starting to venture out in to the big wide world again so gift your fellas this luxurious gift set and reveal his inner "Distinguished Gent".

July 11, 2021 — Julie Selby