Has it really been 12 months already? 

It only seems like yesterday since taking down and packing away those decorations and what an undertaking - all that glitter!  Having spent a lifetime getting those rogue pieces of the stuff out of the furniture and carpets of our homes, we do it all again!  Would we have it any other way though?  Of course not!  Bring on the glitter, it’s Christmas!!

Regardless of whether you like a cosy look in your home, or prefer a more minimalist décor, this is the one time of year you can just let your hair down, go completely crazy and deck your halls - knowing nobody will judge you for it.  Forget about sensible, it’s all about sparkle and at Christmas more is definitely more!

Being “Gifters”, it’s a given that this will likely be the most busiest time of the year for us – and being reasonably new, we’re hoping we’ll be busy helping you for years to come too.  In the build up to the big day, a lot time and energy is spent on not only trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved-ones, it’s all about the elegance (and let’s face it, skill) of the wrapping too.  Wouldn’t it be good if there was a service to not only find the perfect gift, but to wrap it AND send it, too….?  Now, that would be one less thing to stress about!

Wrapping those gifts is something we’re really, really good at!  With gift boxes available for various recipients and budgets, we’re sure you’ll find something for that hard-to-buy person you’re looking for.  Now the presents are sorted, it’s time to think about the big day itself….

As adults, sometimes Christmas can lose its magic.  As adults, when the kids have gone to bed, Christmas Eve, traditionally, is all about polishing off those mince pies (left for Santa) and drinking the cheeky tipple he was supposed to drink on his way out.  Left-over Rudolf’s carrot, we’re guessing isn’t particularly appealing to the cats and dogs though!  Nothing too exciting for adults and animals, then.

With the introduction of the Christmas Eve Box in recent years, an extra leg of excitement awaits the little ones – not only do they leave a gift for Santa on Christmas Eve, they have one too!  It’s a win, win situation for the kids.

But, what about the grown-ups?  Where’s their magic on Christmas Eve?  Is there a gift box tailor-made for adults?

Fear not!  Christmas Eve boxes aren’t all about the kids!  Not anymore.  Why not give the gift of that Christmas Eve magic to a grown-up loved one in your life – including yourself!  In that last-minute dash round the house, getting all those final preparations done for the big day, how nice would it be to light a candle, put your feet up and chill out with a comforting snack?  Your wish is our command!

"'Twas the Night Before...", containing hot chocolate, gourmet marshmallows… with a twist, and a beautiful festive candle, we think will make your Christmas Eve “Merry & Bright”.  Why not mix it up a bit and add a tipple of your favourite spirit or liquor to that hot chocolate?  The perfect night in box, we'd say!

And the big day itself?  Check out some of our exciting gift boxes targeted to that favourite late-night Christmas Day tipple.  You sort the eating and drinking and we’ll sort the Merry bit - now that’s a win, win situation for the grown-ups!

December 15, 2020 — Julie Selby