Christmas has always been a time of giving and receiving and the pressure of buying the perfect gift box for someone can be a lot to deal with, but sometimes the simplest words are the truest: it’s the thought that counts.

Christmas is right up there with Valentine’s Day as one of the most romantic holidays of the year.  Every Christmas morning, social media is flooded with the ‘I said yes posts, with a beautifully manicured hand and a dazzling engagement ring perched on the finger.  Gift giving is one of the most wonderful ways of showing your loved ones that you are thinking of them, and Christmas can be a wonderful time to show your love and commitment in the truest sense. 

After lockdown and the cancellation of so many summer weddings, the wedding industry has been playing catch up with couples tying the knot every day of the week, not just the traditional weekend dates and the team here at OohBox Gifts have been happy to be able to offer a beautiful selection of gifts that are perfect for the big day.  From Mr and Mrs mug sets (mixed gender options are available too) and celebration champagne flutes, candles and chocolates we have a fabulous collection of weddings gifts to suit every taste.

Traditionally winter has been the least popular time to get married, and that’s mainly down to our British weather, let’s face it, our UK summer weather is hardly predictable but in the winter and at Christmas you can be pretty confident that it is going to be cold so wedding attire can be chosen to suit and there are so many stunning winter dresses available.  It is such a beautiful and happy time so you can really make the most of it.  Imagine a winter wedding, it’s so romantic, and a great time to tie the knot for a number of reasons. 

  1. Your guests are more likely to be able to come as there aren’t lots of other weddings happening right now.
  2. The venues are cheaper and often offer discounts especially if you can book midweek.
  3. The bride won’t be melting in her finery. The gorgeous dresses and faux furs, hooded capes and winter flowers, simply heaven!
  4. The venue will already be decorated for Christmas. Beautiful winter themed rooms with holly, berries and autumnal colours. Gorgeous!
  5. Stunning photo opportunities. The light is often just right, no squinting into the sun, cosying up together to keep warm, just perfect!

Even if your heart is set on a summer wedding, what about a winter engagement?   Arrange a photo session so you can share the news in pictures.  Cosy chunky jumpers, snowy scenery, hugs to keep warm, the opportunities are endless.  Snuggle up with our Twas the Night Before mugs and hot chocolate or our Date Night movie night gift box and share the love.

For those of us that are already with our chosen life partners we can still embrace the season.  As ‘the twelve days of Christmas’ shows us, knowing that someone is thinking of you is, simply, one of the greatest gifts of all.

Happy Advent!

December 11, 2021 — Julie Selby