Over the years the research into early years learning and development has changed so much.  From what I was shown when my two were born almost 30 years ago, to a whole new learning for my grandchildren.  It's quite scary when what you thought you knew no longer applies.

When my brother and I were born in the 60's my mum was actively encouraged to bottle feed me.  Breastfeeding was classed as outdated and inconsistent and that new babies would benefit more from the controlled amount and added vitamins and minerals found in formula milk.

Of course now we know that this "science" was backed by a huge marketing campaign and created an industry worth ££Billions.  That said the guidance has come full circle and new mums are encouraged to "give breast feeding a go". With slogans like "Breast is Best" many more babies are being fed naturally and there is an almost evangelical movement to support it.  Not all mums succeed, for whatever reason and formula remains a safe and effective subsitute.

The guidelines on weaning have changed too.  It is advised that solid food should not be introduced until 6 months.  30 years ago it was anything from 12 weeks!  A baby would have rice or rusks to top up the milk diet.  The idea now is to wait until baby is able to sit up unaided and be competent at reaching and grasping objects and to allow them to feed themselves.

(There are dozens of articles online that specialise in this subject which are worth a read and they do recommend you speak with your health advisor if you have any questions).

With this new freedom for baby to tuck in and feed themselves, things can get very messy! 

Ooh-Box to the rescue!  We have created a super cute baby gift box that contains all you need for a bright and sunny mealtime experience.  Our Mealtime Fun gift set for babies and toddlers contains an eco friendly bamboo bowl and spoon set complete with colourful suction plate to reduce spills and accidents. The colour co-ordinated spoon is soft touch to protect emerging teeth and with that we have included a four pack of super soft baby toothbrushes.  With all the will in the world there will be mucky hands and faces so the pack of farmyard friends feeding cloths will be perfect to clean up those little faces.

Love to sing and play with your toddler?  Then our Making Music sustainable wooden instruments might be just the Christmas Gift you're looking for.  

Music, song and movement is by far the most fun you can have with a toddler.  Developing creativity, rhythm, speech.  It's noisy and fabulous.

After a busy day with the "band" then it's time to relax and enjoy a story and a cuddle.  "Storytime" is a selection of classic tales; Goldilocks, Billy Goats Gruff and the Three Little Pigs each with accompanying hand made wooden spoon puppets to bring the story to life.  Supplied in a roomy Dino Backpack by Sass and Belle, perfect for days out, nursery and playgroup.

We love our toddler gift collection specially selected to inspire and educate.  These are just a few of our baby themed hampers.  Our collection runs from new-born through to toddler and beyond. 

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