We are a country steeped in tradition and one of them is to bless the home.  Brand new off plan or new to you, it's the biggest expense you might have so to bless it and wish for a happy home is a no brainer?

Moving house is a whoooooole thing.  The excitement, the decluttering, the Pinterest boards are just the best feeling, but the waiting, the legal stuff and the setbacks can be soul destroying.

But when you finally get that email or that phone call, the one that tells you your exchange and complete dates, suddenly everything falls into place.  It’s finally concrete, and you are going to be in your new house!  All the weeks of going through solicitors and estate agents, the nights of planning colour schemes and how to feng shui the living room, are going to end in your lovely little (or not so little) home.

But how to get started with your best foot forward?  How do you plan for success?  And how did they do it in the olden days?  Today, boys and girls, we’ll be having a look at some interesting, some cute and some downright strange traditions to bless a new dwelling.

Ward off bad juju

There are a couple of nifty little traditions from around the world that will help ward off all of those pesky ghosts, witches and general evil spirits that may be lurking in your new abode. 

Firstly, thread some fennel through your keyhole.  Not only will it fill your hall with that lovely aniseed smell, but it will keep the witches at bay. 

Once they’re dealt with, sprinkle some salt to deter any evil spirits, or lighting a candle will do the same thing. 

You could also shine your candle into the corners of the rooms, plus any nooks and crannies in order to show the ghosts where they can go! 

Another good one, if you’re not a fan of having ghosts for roommates even if they are hiding, is painting your porch blue.  Some South Americans believe that spirits cannot cross water, so by painting your front door blue you’re tricking them into staying away.

Bring in good vibes

Once you’ve rid the house of any baddies, invite the goodies in!  An Indian tradition says that you should always enter the house for the first time with your right foot, in order to bring good luck. 

Once you’re in, evoke a Filipino tradition by scattering some coins onto the floor, so that you encourage prosperity to enter.  When that’s done, burn some sage in the house to promote clarity, wisdom and healing.

The perfect traditional housewarming presents

Now you yourself may not be moving but are in the market for a thoughtful gift for a loved one.  Have you considered an orange tree?  According to ancient Chinese tradition orange trees are said to bring good luck, so these are a popular gift. 

If your love language is food, uncooked rice is a quirky Pagan superstition meant to bring prosperity.  I’m guessing that’s where the throwing rice at weddings comes from, right? 

Another foodie gift is the gift of bread and rice, a Russian Jewish tradition that represents hospitality.  Giving this gift to a new homeowner is a way of wishing them a life full of flavour.  If you want to help them ward off any evil, candles tie in rather nicely to the theme of good luck.  Or you know, a good old fashioned photo frame is also an excellent shout.

I hope the traditions above have given you some inspirations, filled you with feels, or possibly made you giggle a little.  We love them!  Happy housing!

If you know someone who is moving house then we have a range of perfect House-warming gifts to choose from, and some that fall in line with these traditions!