If you've ever ventured out into the wild world of Christmas shopping, you might question the "jolly" part. Christmas shopping is a unique experience, a combination of joy, frustration, and the unshakeable feeling that you've left your sanity at home. 

Here are a few reasons why mixing up the high street with a bit of online can make the whole  shopping experience just a little more bearable. 

The Parking Predicament

You know it's Christmas shopping season when you start circling the car park like a vulture searching for its next meal. The parking spaces are as elusive as Santa's reindeer, and the only thing you'll find is a traffic jam of disgruntled shoppers, all with the same determined look of desperation in their eyes.

No road rage here!

Just park your bum, coffee (or something more festive) in hand and browse at leisure!

The "Last-Minute" Illusion

You tell yourself every year that you'll get a head start on Christmas shopping. But like a cat chasing a laser pointer, you find yourself sprinting through the Trafford Centre (other shopping centres are available) on December 24th, desperately searching for gifts. You wonder if a last-minute scarf from the petrol station will pass as thoughtful.


Online, you do have to allow for delivery so you'll need to be a bit more organised, but you're not dodging all the other last minute gift grabbers! 

The Gift Wrapping Follies

You buy rolls of fancy wrapping paper and a collection of colourful bows, envisioning beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. But in reality, you end up wrestling with the wrapping paper like Tarzan and a rubber crocodile, while your other half watches in amusement.

Save yourself!

We gift wrap everything as standard so all you'll have to do is hand it over to the lucky recipient.  

The "Limited-Time" Sales Trickery

You spot a sign that says, "Limited-time offer, 50% off!" and you're immediately lured in. But as it turns out, the "limited time" is actually "all the time," and the 50% off is just a clever ruse to get you to buy something you don't need.

You can always scroll! But why when -

All our gift boxes are great value, and we still have sales on for Christmas! 

The Dreaded Christmas Music

"Jingle Bells," "Deck the Halls," and "All I Want for Christmas Is You" are undeniably catchy, but not when they've been playing on a loop for hours. You contemplate wearing earplugs, but then realize you might end up singing off-key in the store, not hearing your own voice.

Funny but this is a tricky one....

For me this is the best bit about Christmas shopping around the shops - it really gets me in the mood, but you can recreate the atmosphere via Spotify with your own Christmas playlist and not listen to Slade or Wham! on repeat.

The Overly Enthusiastic Salespeople

You can spot them from a mile away, the salespeople who've had a little too much eggnog. They pounce on you with their relentless holiday spirit, determined to make you buy that extra pair of socks you didn't need. You leave the store with a bag full of "just-in-case" purchases.

You might...

still get a bit of this online in the form of emails but no-one in your face trying to up their Christmas commission. 

The Gift-Return Nightmares

You thought you nailed it with the perfect gift. But then you see the look of disappointment on your loved one's face when they unwrap it. The return process becomes an epic journey, involving multiple forms, patience-testing lines, and the realisation that the gift you bought might have been cursed.


Returns are easy at Ooh. Just drop us a line with the problem and we'll do the rest. 

The Frenzied Shopper Workout

You're trying to stroll through the shops at a leisurely pace, but you find yourself dodging a group of power-walkers who seem to be preparing for a marathon. You can't help but wonder if they know something you don't know, or have spotted that last must have toy somewhere - Quick! Follow them!


Sit back and relax because online, everything is at your finger tips leaving you time to get your workout at the gym not on the High Street! 

The Gift-Receipt Chaos

You had the foresight to request gift receipts, but now you've got a collection of them that resembles a deck of cards. You find yourself shuffling through them at the checkout counter, hoping to draw the right one for the item you're returning.


Online shopping allows you to keep track of your receipts via your inbox - perfect! 

The Annual Resolution

Every year, you promise yourself that you'll do your Christmas shopping earlier, be more organised, and avoid the holiday shopping chaos. But deep down, you know you'll be back next December doing exactly the same.

So, as you embark on your own Christmas shopping adventure, remember that the chaos, the long queues, and the endless holiday tunes are all part of the merry madness. Embrace the mayhem. Mix it up with some online shopping and keep your sanity but don't forget to treat yourself to a well-deserved hot chocolate (or mulled wine) to ease the strain. After all, that's what makes Christmas shopping just a little bit more bearable!

Keep your eyes peeled on our socials for the Christmas Gift launch, we're holding off for a few weeks, we've only just had Summer!