We all know too well the new year resolutions that have fallen by the wayside by the 10th of the month!  Of course we all have the best intentions, lose weight, move more, drink less, but there is often something that side-swipes us and sends those good intentions squealing down the road with their tails between their legs.  

Maybe that's because we are often not kind to ourselves when we set our goals?  Maybe if we looked at it from a different angle?

Rather than criticize ourselves set goals that are more practical.  Think about our friends and family who are beating up on themselves and steer them in the same direction.  After all, New Year is a time for renewal and hope not regret and failure.

Here at Oohbox we have the perfect selection of gift boxes and we have picked our top 5 perfect for busy individuals for the year ahead.

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1: The Pink Pamper: £75 including Gift Wrapping and Delivery

(RRP of contents £88) 

We have a quite the selection of relax and pamper gift boxes for him and her. Whether you are buying for a Mum to Be, or are searching for the perfect Home Spa Pamper box then we'll have something for you right here. As always our giftboxes are designed to support small businesses and so we combine a perfect mix of artisan, eco-friendly and vegan products alongside some bigger names.  Our favourite is the Pink Pamper for the ladies.  Containing a gift within a gift, the Holm I Can't Get No Sleep is a delightful sleep set in it's own box that we have surrounded with an array of colour co-ordinated pieces that will certainly lift the spirits.

2: The Deskmate £68 including Gift Wrapping and Delivery

(RRP of contents £70)

After a good break it's hard to go back to the office, even if this is at home.  We can help ease the pain by providing a stunning desk companion in the form of The Deskmate.  A beautiful Cross Notebook and Pen gift box is the main feature of this favourite.  The pen has a 100 year mechanical guarantee and the lined pages of the book will make you the envy of the office.  We have included a compact desk block of sticky-notes, page markers and flags and a chilly style water bottle (those brain cells need hydrating after the festive period)!  Not to miss the mark we have included our branded hand-sanitiser which is sleek and a trendy addition to our anti viral arsenal.

3: The Hug £45 including Gift Wrapping and Delivery

(RRP of contents £50)

Christmas and New Year often means that our friends and families head back to their busy lives and we often miss them more.  Or maybe we have loved ones that we have not been able to see for whatever reason.  The Hug is one of our best-selling gift boxes and does exactly what it says.  It sends a Hug in a Box for all occasions. A heatable wrap, biscuits, tea and delightful candle help ease aches and pains that are both mental and physical.

4: The Mindfulness Gift Box £80 including Gift Wrapping and Delivery

(RRP of contents £90)

Another popular choice, the Mind, Body and Soul is perfect to recharge after the busy festive season and set up for the year ahead.  Containing a whole host of gifts in this large wrapped box we have sourced a massage candle, organic tea, a weighted and scented eye mask, the super helpful Little Book of Mindfulness and a pretty notebook and pen set to record thoughts, feelings and aspirations.

5: My Bee-Loved £58 including Gift Wrapping and Delivery

(RRP of contents £73)

Winter is still upon us but we have the slightest whiff of Spring in the air.  This large and impressive gift box contains a bee hotel, bee reviver, Bee Happy mug and a felting kit, chosen because it's super easy, and not to forget the handmade chocolate bar and Bee enticing flower seeds.  Without the bees were will we be?  This beautiful gardeners gift box will bring joy to your loved one and our garden companions!

So there's our top 5 for the start of the New Year, start as you mean to go on and support small businesses, choose something a little bit different where all the hard work is done for you and we still offer complimentary gift wrapping, a message card and delivery to UK Mainland.  Act fast to avoid disappointment as these are our most popular gift ideas.



December 26, 2021 — Julie Selby