Whether you are the lucky Parents to be or you are part of the extended family desperate for the new arrival there is a wealth of advice and support available online.

From celebrity bloggers and vloggers to bona fide health and medical websites the amount of information out there is astounding!  What did we do before the internet?  I’m amazed any of us survived!  Please note that I say this with my tongue firmly in my cheek. I know that many of these blogs are a lifeline and encourage a more holistic approach to child birth and new motherhood offering hints and tips and friendship.

Juggling a job and swollen ankles, sleepless nights and indigestion to die seems impossible and it is stressful.  A pregnant working mum, with a full time job, house and often other children to consider is no walk in the park!  It’s not even a waddle and this is where partners, family, friends and now bloggers come into their own. 

You can find advice about how to run a virtual baby shower (something we’d not heard of before 2020), managing your expectations during labour, breast-feeding issues, mindfulness and mental health and sleepless nights.  Practically from conception to empty nest it’s all on the net and from experts and those with first-hand experience.  Check out these sites for a list of parenting blogs to start you off, who knows we may be seeing your experiences here very soon!



So you’ve had the Baby Shower, virtual or in person if you are post-Covid19 and the nursery is ready, even though you’ll have months sharing a room.  Your bag is packed just in case with the cutest outfits ever and you’ve checked that you have all your labour and birth survival bits. Now you wait.  The last few weeks often feel like the longest, but isn’t that always the way when something great is about to happen? If you can, put up your feet, enjoy the peace and relax.  Why not treat yourself to a birthday box?

I have it on good authority that Lavender and Clary sage are great during labour and luckily we have some beautiful hand-crafted candles with these fragrances in our Relax gift box!

So, baby has arrived, congratulations Mummy and Daddy, Mummy and Mummy or Daddy and Daddy (all of our mug collections can be in any gender combination). Now is the time to put yourself first above all else.  You’re little bundle relies on you for EVERYTHING and so you need to take care of you.  Take time out to pamper yourself, practice Mindfulness when you can, grab naps when baby naps, get your nearest and dearest to do the chores and remember lots and lots of cuddles, for you, for baby and for your partner.  As an added bonus now that you are parents you get an extra day per year dedicated just to you!  Happy Mother and Father’s Day!  It just gets better and better.

Becoming a parent can be the best life experience ever, you have created another human being who might grow up to be a world changer, a world beater or a world leader – who knows?  One thing is for sure they will certainly change your world!  

Check out the plentiful supply of blogs for advice, support and perspective.  Check out our website for our fabulous gift box collection. Take care of each other and enjoy the ride.

February 28, 2021 — Julie Selby