Even as pubs, restaurants and cinemas start to open up, there are lots of people who are still reluctant to venture back out but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop.  Over the last few months we’ve all tapped into our inner chef, quiz master, card shark and general entertainer just to keep ourselves sane but is there anything nicer than curling up with your bestie, partner or spouse to enjoy a romantic movie night?  If you’re looking for inspiration then read on for some top tips.

Start with a nice dinner for two.  Cook or buy in your favourite and compliment it with your favourite tipple. Maybe match the food to the movie?  If you're thinking The Godfather then it’s got to be Italian, or Jaws?  Then of course fish fits the bill. 

A movie night in will be intimate, there’s no need for masks and you don’t have to yell to hear each other.   Set the scene, why not put on your glad rags and make it really glamorous or go comfy with your favourite PJ’s and toastie socks, like the Heat Holders and ladies lounge socks by Elle that feature in our Blockbuster, Chick Flick and Date Night gift boxes.

All fed? Then it’s on to the Movie.

Make sure you agree on the movie before the date night!  You certainly don’t want to ruin the mood with an argument about whether it’s going to be an action movie or comedy.  It’s so easy now to stream films from various networks and so we’re often spoilt for choice. Why not share a favourite film from your childhood, something that brings back memories that you can share or see if you still know all the lines.

Have the room ready. It’s great if you have a large screen but if not a projector is a good move, there are some really good ones on the market that are compatible with your smart devices and if you have surround sound it will be like you’re at the Cineplex! 

Be comfy, have cosy throws and big pillows ready so you can snuggle down together.  Light some candles or dim the lights, remember its movie night so you don’t want full beam!

You can't have a Movie Night without popcorn.  Don’t go own brand, splash out and go for gourmet popcorn, like the Joe & Seph’s that we have in our gift boxes and add some of your favourite sweets, crisps and fruit.  prepare a big platter so everything is to hand.  No pausing the film, just relax and enjoy. 

Of course you’ll need a tipple or two.  We’ve included a tin of Cartwright and Butler Drinking Chocolate Flakes perfect if you’re able to take the movie outdoors for a moonlight event. The choice is yours to suit the mood. 

When the film is over why not finish off a great evening with some of your favourite music and have a dance together, you don’t need a nightclub or dance floor to reconnect with your inner disco diva.  You might want to play a board game, just don’t get too competitive and spoil the vibe.

However you prefer to spend your date night, it does us all good to switch off the phones and reconnect.  Check out our Romance and Pamper Collections for more ideas on luxury hand-picked gifts your loved ones.

June 22, 2021 — Julie Selby