I don’t know about you, but for me the 31st August means bright dresses, sandals, ice creams and Summer Holidays.  September the 1st rolls around and I’m in my dark greens and reds, enjoying hot chocolate and figuring out which streaming service lets me watch Hocus Pocus!

I love Summer, but I think Autumn is definitely my favourite season.  September especially is one of my favourite months, as while the nights start to draw in, you do still get some of that leftover warm weather.

It helps that Autumn is my aesthetic.  Oversized hoodies, laced up boots, hot drinks and walks in the woods really lift my spirits.  I think I might actually be a witch, hence the love of Hocus Pocus!

But this season may not be your vibe.  

While I love the cooler weather and the grey skies, many would way prefer to be back in July or August, sunning it up and drinking margaritas in the garden.  And while I might not be able to convince you that Autumn is the best season, I think I can bring you round on it being better than you think.

For starters, Autumn and Winter is an introvert’s dream!  If you’re a fan of alone time, or if you like it every now and again, Autumn is a lovely time to do it.  

As the nights get darker, lighting the fire and some candles, popping some cosy socks on and enjoying some quality time with yourself is so comforting.  Why not turn it up a notch and give yourself a pamper A lovely hot bath and some gentle music really enhances the tranquility of being at home on a rainy evening (come on, there’s not much better having a lovely warm bath while the rain patters against the window!)

Hey, we’re animals at the end of the day, and this time in the year sees us instinctively retreating into our dens/houses, and reaching for things that bring us comfort.  This goes for food, too.  

While Summer is light salads and cold food, Autumn lets us blow the dust off the slow cooker and eat heartily as the Winter comes along.  Batch cooking curries, stews and soups for the week ahead is a time saving, energy efficient way of making sure your stomach and your soul are warmed!

And no, I haven’t forgotten the beverage side of the season!  I absolutely love a hot toddy made at home when the nights get chillier, and you can make it the traditional way with whisky, or branch out and try it with gin or rum!  Mulled wine is more of a classic Christmas drink, but there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying it earlier in the year!  Make sure you have some warming spices ready to go when you decide to make it.

So, while I may not have sold you on Autumn being the best season (which it is), I hope I’ve given you a few ways of how to slow down after your Summer and earn a bit of calm and comfort.

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