Choosing the right gift for your loved one can often be problematic and with all the gift shops and sites available searching for the right thing can be mind boggling!  Here at OohBox we have pulled together a selection of gifts for most occasions but there is always that one person that you struggle finding just the right thing for.

What type of gift are you looking for, what might that special person like?

Think about the things you have in common.  What do you both like, this makes the gift personal to both of you and highlights that bond that you share.  It shows that you’ve thought about it too, sometimes the thought really does count.

Is the gift for a special occasion?  Think about what it means to them, do you want something practical, something that might help them do a job or help them get through a tricky patch?

The gifts that are considered best received according to Mary Finley Wolfinbarger in her paper Motivations and Symbolisms in Gift Giving Behaviour are those where the giver has chosen something that they identify with the receiver and something that the receiver might not necessarily have purchased for themselves, therefore the gift is considered a real treat.  The worst gifts are those that are all about the giver where the gift is something that may have no benefit to the receiver but just satisfies the givers preference.  Wolfinbarger states that most gifts are a compromise on what the gift giver perceives as a valued gift and one that the recipient would be happy to receive.

Buying for someone you know well can often be as problematic as buying for someone you barely know.  The worst are those who fall into the “the person that has everything” group or those that if they want something buy it for themselves and therefore never have a “need” for anything.

There are typically four types of gift:

Practical and Pleasing.

These might not be the most exciting gifts but are often well received as they are given with the recipient in mind.  Think about hobbies and interests, so a compass or binoculars for a hiker, golf balls or a gardening kit.  Think of things that will be useful and if the gift does seem a bit boring go all out on the gift wrap.  Don’t be afraid to be practical, these are the gifts that show you’ve been paying attention.

The Gift that keeps on Giving:

These are often experience gifts such as a music or golf lesson or a cookery class.  Something that is personal to the receiver, something they’ve expressed an interest in and will stay with them long after the day is done. 

The Thought that Counts:

These are the gifts where there really wasn’t any thought and should be avoided.  Often these are gifts that the sender might like but are not suitable for the receiver.  Maybe a hat or clothing in the wrong style or colour and something that they will never wear.

Nice to Unwrap:

Gifts that offer so much on the outside but are crushing blows when opened!  A gift boxed cooking pot or car wash kit is practical but doesn’t necessarily tap into the hobbies and interests section.  These are gifts that are just too practical and uninspiring and should only be purchased if specifically asked for.

Here are a couple of things that we hope will help:

Listen and observe.  What do they like, what do they do or what have they expressed an interest in doing?

Get Creative.  Choose something that can only have come from you, make or bake something that reminds you of them or frame a photo of the two of you together encapsulating a great memory.

Good luck and remember to keep checking back to see our new gift boxes.

May 22, 2021 — Julie Selby