Since the first airing of The Great British Bake Off in 2010, Britain has seen a surge in amateur enthusiasts of this (rather messy) hobby.  Messy it might be, but forget that!  Baking is incredibly fun too.

During the happiest times of our childhoods, play was messy, building mud kitchens, digging for worms - messy was fun.  Most remember baking with parents/grandparents with absolutely no mess to clean up… just the spoons - yummy!

When you get older, the mess is yours to claim.  The less of it, the better, eh?  In baking these days, there are so many gadgets to make life easier (and cleaner).  Our baking gift box set contains items which certainly make life easier… but, sorry, no promises on the cleaning!

So, how do you lay your claim on Domestic Genius status?

Invest in a stand mixer.  For a busy day of baking, a stand mixer is the ultimate kitchen buddy, making lighter (and less messy) work of mixing, kneading, whisking, everything!  For those things a stand mixer can’t already do, the chances are, you can buy attachments, such as pasta rollers, graters, choppers, mincers, etc.  Aside from being incredibly easy to clean (yes, they really are), stand mixers are also available to suit all budgets and tastes.

Invest in a Baking Mat.  The unsung hero of cleanliness, baking mats are usually made of silicone, a much more sea-friendly option than plastic (silica, it’s main ingredient, is actually found in sand).  The silicone material is fantastic for baking, keeping work surfaces clean, it’s more hygienic to use and can be easily washed in the sink, rolled up and packed away in a drawer once used.  A great worktop saver - especially when using flour.

It’s OK to make mistakes.  That’s what makes you better at what you do.  Mistakes in baking are something you learn from and don’t mean that you’re bad it it!  Being experimental with your baking and going off recipe every so often, really doesn’t do any harm at all too, and can produce some amazing results!  There are tons of well-reviewed recipes readily available online - why not adapt them to suit your own tastes?

Clean as you go along.  Free your time by cleaning up when your stand mixer is busy, or waiting for dough to rise, etc., and be prepared for battle with the next lot of dirty dishes - show them who’s boss!

Choose the right tools.  Start off on the right foot and at the very least have the most basic baking tools readily available.  Looking for baking gift ideas?  Check out our Baking Day Gift Box, equipped with those “forgotten about”, but valuable kitchen buddies.  With FSC approved wooden baking accessories, along with other essentials, such as matching apron and pot holder, ceramic measuring cups, mini whisk, cake tester and icing pen - not only is this baking gift box functional, but stylish too, with a nod towards vintage chic!

Bookmark those recipes!  If you find a good recipe, get organised!  Bookmark on your computer or tablet or invest in a recipe folder or book to store it for keeps.  For a touch of luxury to your baking essentials, why not try our Desk Mate, containing a luxurious Cross Notebook and Pen set in quality white leather, and embossed with a message of inspiration?  Also included is an elegant white water bottle for hydration, along withheld sanitiser and a wonderfully handy desk pad with sticky markers - handy for finding those pages in your new recipe book!  The gift box itself can double as storage too.

Now here’s the best bit.  Studies have proven that taking up baking as a hobby can alleviate stress and generally improve moods - perfect for those Mindful moments.  In the crazy world we live in today, it’s great to have such fun distractions - especially when there’s something tasty at the end!

Whatever you bake, however messy it gets, enjoy the journey!

July 26, 2021 — Julie Selby