It’s hard to believe sometimes with the cold, wet weather, but there are many reasons to celebrate February – here’s one good reason… it’s the month of love.  What’s not to like?  You might be surprised at just how much you love this month.

On the Northern Hemisphere, February signifies the end of winter, which hopefully means we can all start getting warm again!  It’s also the only month of the year, shorter than any other and the only month that gains an extra day every four years.  As an added bonus to February - if you’re born on the 29th of this month, you’re a quarter of your age!  February has a pretty good CV, doesn’t it?  So, you see already, it’s not all that bad.

For the romantics out there, there are a couple of significant days in February.  It goes without saying, the 29th is special, after all it doesn’t come along all too often, but aside from this it’s also traditionally the day of the year where the ladies to do the proposing

There are many theories surrounding the origins of proposing on the 29th however the most common is the deal between Saint Patrick and Saint Bridget.  Saint Bridget had complained to Saint Patrick that ladies were just kept waiting too long for a proposal of marriage.  It was agreed that for those tired of waiting, there would be a window of opportunity every four years for the proposal to take place – on the 29th February. 

These days with most ladies preferring the “traditional” approach, the 29th is often overlooked in favour of the “fairy tale” proposal.  We’re apparently more patient and happy to wait, but of course, the biggest day of love (and the one we have the privilege of every year) is February the 14th.

This hotly anticipated day is the day of the year that you CAN declare your undying love for your nearest and dearest.  Valentine’s Day is the excuse to open a bottle of something fizzy and enjoy a cosy night in. especially with our stylish champagne flutes from LSA.

Alternatively (and for the secretive sort), whether affections may or may not be unrequited, it’s also the day of the year to send anonymous love messages.  Always remember, there’s a fine line though – don’t get arrested! 

Again, like other national days, there are many different theories regarding Valentine’s Day, some quite romantic, others not so, but hey, it’s all about the love, isn’t it?  In modern times, with less pressure on people to marry, the days of courtship and marriage as seen on Bridgerton, seldom exist.  There’s still plenty of romantic gestures to be had these days, some on a grander scale, some smaller, but creative – oh, and there will be more proposals on the 14th than the 29th!

So remember, there are plenty of things to LOVE about February.  And not all of them for love reasons:

  • It’s the month of love (obviously)
  • Your exercise goals become that little bit more realistic and yes! You can EAT again!
  • Another Dry January… but now you can drink again – good times!
  • Grown-up Snow Days – there will always be at least one day of snow, so let’s be kids again!
  • Pancakes – another undoing of the hard work in January… but delicious!
  • It will soon be Spring… warm days once more!
  • It’s closer to your next pay day (you need this if you’re still feeling the pinch from Christmas)
  • Crème Eggs start to hit the shelves (no introduction needed here)

However you spend it, stay happy, stay safe and stay well.