The Long Soak


Have you chosen your Greetings Card?

Show Mum that you care by giving her the best excuse to just take a breath and relax. 

This special gift is perfect for busy Mums on Mother's Day, birthday or any other day.

What's in the box:

Smug Contoured Eyemask - Smug Sleep mask, which is eyelash friendly.  Cherry Blossom print reminiscent of warm spring and summer days.

Lovely, Lovely Mum Candle - This beautifully scented occasion candle fragranced with Neroli, Citrus & Sandalwood comes highly recommended by our Ooh-Box followers and won't fail to impress Mum!

Bath Bomb - The intoxicating scent of Patchouli essential oil provides a beautiful musky aroma enhanced by the sweet, floral notes of Bluebell & Hyacinth. We love the dried blue cornflower petals as an added touch of loveliness.

Rose and Raspberry Chocolate - Featuring freeze dried Raspberry crumble and delicate rose oil in a luxurious dark chocolate base this is melt in the mouth yumminess with a luxurious vibe.  Handmade in Scotland, this artisan chocolate bar is made by the Quirky Chocolatiers.