Have you chosen your Greetings Card?

When you want to show your love and appreciation for all that she has done for you, this delightful gift box will sure hit the mark.  Relax with this beautifully scented occasion candle, organic luxury bath lavender bath oil and mini cupcake chocolates, this gift box says it all........."Thank You"

What's in the box:

Thank You Candle- Using only premium locally sourced supplies, traditional production and hand finishing, every Best Kept Secrets candle not only looks (and smells) delightful, but receives the same care and attention.  Delightfully fragranced with sparkling Neroli, Citrus and Sandalwood.

Mini Cupcakes - Delicious mini chocolate bites from the Gourmet Pizza Company.  Each the perfect pop of chocolatey yumminess!

Lavender Bath and Body Oil - Transform a bath into a heavenly therapeutic experience with this Soothing Lavender Bath Oil by DOAP. Made with a skin-nourishing blend of organic oils and fragranced with lavender essential oil.